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Lexus LS

Lexus LS 2018 sedan Trim Shown: 2018 500 sedan RWD Automatic
The 2018 Lexus LS promises high standards of luxury, technology, and sophistication. The new LS is longer, lower, and reportedly 200 pounds lighter than the one it replaces. The LS will be offered in rear- and all-wheel drive, and there will be an extended-length variant for more rear passenger space. The standard drivetrain is an all-new twin-turbo 415-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 hooked up to a 10-speed automatic transmission. The suspension has been tuned to elevate performance, and a driver-selected dynamic mode control allows the personality to be tuned on the fly. Plus, an air suspension will be offered. Expect high-levels of entertainment, convenience, and standard safety features befitting a modern flagship sedan. The new LS goes on sale near the end of 2017.
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Lexus LS 2017 sedan Trim Shown: 2017 460L sedan RWD Automatic
The Lexus flagship sedan delivers luxurious, highly refined, and fuss-free motoring with a comfortable and serene ride. It has an exceptionally quiet cabin and is laden with features. Fit and finish is excellent. Its recent freshening made handling a bit more responsive while retaining the silky ride. The strong V8 and eight-speed automatic deliver a very smooth and responsive package. The extended-length version has generous rear-seat room. A self-parking feature and all-wheel drive are optional. The LS 600h hybrid comes with standard AWD. Despite retaining some conventional knobs and buttons, the mouse-controlled infotainment system is complicated and distracting to use. A redesign, powered by a twin-turbo V6 and outfitted with a swoopier body, comes later in 2017.
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2007 Redesign Year
Lexus LS 2016 Trim Shown: 2016 Sedan
The 2007 redesign didn't change the LS formula much. It remained more of a luxury liner than a driver's car. With that said, engines grew in displacement and an eight-speed automatic transmission became standard, which was the first ever application to a passenger car. Hybrid, all-wheel drive, and long-wheelbase versions are available. Other options include a pre-collision system with radar-based cruise control, a 19-speaker stereo with an eight-gigabyte hard drive, cooled rear storage, a reclining rear seat with massage, leg rests and rear seat heaters. The end result is a supremely pampering car that isolates its occupants and is fuss-free in every way. The 2013 freshening included an updated interior treatment and revisions to the suspension and steering systems.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2016 N/A N/A
2015 $54,275 - $62,250 $50,340 - $57,840
2014 $45,475 - $68,650 $42,090 - $64,440
2013 $39,750 - $59,600 $36,450 - $55,750
2012 $29,200 - $47,350 $26,060 - $44,040
2011 $25,075 - $39,500 $21,950 - $36,310
2010 $21,475 - $31,525 $18,380 - $28,420
2009 $19,275 - $25,350 $16,170 - $22,330
2008 $17,250 - $20,450 $14,155 - $17,445
2007 $15,700 - $17,525 $12,590 - $14,340
2005 Redesign Year
Lexus LS 2006 Trim Shown: 2006
Lexus's flagship LS is one of the world's finest luxury sedans. It is super quiet, glides comfortably over bumps, and is filled with luxury features. The LS emphasizes quietness and road isolation with a long list of comfort and convenience features. All seating positions are extremely comfortable, and some models offer optional heated, massaging, power-reclining rear seats. The highway ride is cushy and relaxed. Handling is sound, but not particularly agile. Body lean in corners is pronounced. Stability control became standard for 1999. Unlike most of its competitors, the controls are user-friendly.
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2006 N/A N/A
2005 N/A N/A