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The luxurious Air electric sedan is the first model to be offered by Silicon Valley-based Lucid Motors. The rollout starts with a pricey, fully loaded Dream Edition. The dual-motor versions have 1,111 and 800 horsepower. The future single-motor version will have about 620 horsepower. The EPA range for the version with the maximum range is 520 miles. A base Air is available with 480-horsepower and a 406-mile range.
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Luxurious Lucid Air Electric Sedan Boasts 520-Mile Range

The ultra-luxury car, planned to debut next spring, promises big power, long range, and cutting-edge features


Silicon Valley-based Lucid Motors claims the honor of selling the first electric car with an EPA-estimated range of over 500 miles, with its $169,000 Lucid Air Dream Edition R. That 933-hp version of its upcoming Air sedan, when fitted with 19-inch wheels, is rated at 520 miles. And it is sold out.

But there are several other, less exclusive versions racing to market. The Dream Edition Performance and Grand Touring trims have a range of 471 to 516 miles, depending on wheel fitment.

Priced in the ultra-luxury segment that is home to the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Tesla Model S, the Lucid Air electric sedan will compete based on power, range, and opulence.

The new automaker announced plans that follow what has become a trend for start-up electric car companies: Launch with a premium, high-dollar sedan, follow with an SUV, and then roll out more affordable models. For now, the elite Air takes aim at the $100,000 club, where established players are competing for slices of a small sales pie.

Lucid Motors enters the fray with a platform, battery, motor, and electronics that were designed in-house, all with an emphasis on compact design. This strategy has enabled some packaging efficiencies, and company officials say that these core technologies were developed to enable cost-effective mass production.

The Lucid Air will be offered in multiple versions, spanning a wide price range. Manufacturing is scheduled to begin in fall 2021 and will be initially focused on producing the flagship Dream Edition. Lucid says the $169,000 dual-motor model will have up to 1,111 horsepower and all-wheel drive. Lucid will offer the Air in white, black, and gold paint, and with a panoramic roof.

The company says it will be followed by the $139,000 Grand Touring, $95,000 Touring, and $80,000 Air. All versions will be eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit.

The company has a video game-inspired online configurator, and it will have 20 retail stores this year. Reservations are being taken for $1,000.

There is a peek at what is expected to be the next model: an SUV, currently dubbed Project Gravity. Details were not released, but it is easy to imagine that the core specs and features from the Air would transfer over.

Officials also referenced seeking partners to license their batteries and technology.

Here's what we know so far about the Lucid Air.

The front and rear styling is dominated by wide horizontal lighting. (The company claims this is the largest taillight ever used on a production car.) The body is further differentiated by a contrasting roof, akin to what has been seen on some SUVs in recent years. These elements will make the Lucid Air visually stand out from its direct competitors.

The cabin has two distinct areas: Lucid representatives said that the front is trimmed to feel sporty with darker hues, while the back seat is brighter and more relaxing. Both spaces feature high-end trim elements, with a special emphasis on textures.

Impressions The smooth exterior serves as a key contributor to the Air’s efficiency. Lucid claims it has a 0.21 coefficient of drag, which would make it the world’s most aerodynamic luxury car.
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