Tremendously practical, the Mazda5 has a wide range of attributes unmatched by any other vehicle on the market. Sliding side doors and seats for six make it an alternative for larger and more-expensive minivans and SUVs. Lots of windows provide a good view out and the tidy footprint aids maneuverability and parking. Nimble and agile handling means it doesn't sacrifice being fun-to-drive either.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "The manual transmission accelerates better than my 6 cylinder full size minivan (I've had my brother drive one and raced them on the highway). It also can turn a given corner at a faster speed."

    TAVIS M., CA (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Handles well, like a small car, but with room"

    YUM W., PA (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Car slightly loses momentum when going up steep hills. It's easy to handle in tight situations."

    PAULA M., MO (2014 Mazda 5)

    "handles poorly on wet pavement (rain) and very poorly in the snow - car is too light"

    Anonymous, IL (2014 Mazda 5)

    "I have the manual transmission, it handles well. Shifting is a bit stiff, and it has a tendency to not down shift easily. Acceleration is fine, even up long grades. For quick maneuvers, it does quite well. No noticeable lean on sharp curves, recovers well after any maneuver. All in all, a rather sporty little van, only thing is more road noise than full size minivans but probably due to tire noise."

    Anonymous, TN (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Best handling and acceleration for a minivan. Drives like a Mazda."

    Anonymous, TX (2014 Mazda 5)

    "These are well-known as sprightly vehicles; the 3,417-pound curb weight in my 6-speed, with 157hp/163-lbs.ft, doesn't make it fast, but it's very sprightly, with good ride control an minimal body lean. The closest competition is probably a Ford Transit Connect XLT, which is 169hp and 3,650 lbs."

    DAVID A., VT (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Original tires on the Mazda 5 were TOYO tires. After first tire rotation one of the tires has had accelerated road noise probably due to being out of round and it has ruined what would have been a pleasant driving experience since then."

    Anonymous, FL (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Peppy car, pretty good handling for the price as with all Mazdas"

    Anonymous, CA (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Much zippier than I would have expected. Feels more like a small car than an SUV/ mini van."

    Anonymous, TX (2014 Mazda 5)

    "good enough"

    Paul W., AZ (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Quick acceration, quiet inside, handles well on road, steering is tight."

    Michael W., VA (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Good handling and decent mpg for all wheel drive. Quality interior and fairy quite cabin noise."

    Joseph S., IN (2014 Mazda 5)

    "It drives like a car and love the responsiveness off the skyactiv engine."

    Anonymous, OR (2014 Mazda 5)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "THe seats are good but if the back 2 sets of seats are down, the front seats have to be pretty erect which might be uncomfortable for some tall drivers. Bad idea of the rear heat/ AC being only outside air, you can not use the "rear" setting and expect the climate control system to send either heated or cooled air through the small floor mounted blower unit. Pretty sorry design in my opinion."

    Anonymous, TN (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Road noise is bad on the highway. Vehicle would be much more functional if the rear end was a foot longer. Third row seats are useless for anyone except small children."

    CHARLES A., IA (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Front seats a little crowded and not enough beverage holders"

    Anonymous, CA (2014 Mazda 5)

    "The seats stain very easily and there were no dark color options at this trim level"

    Anonymous, NJ (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Compact package that seats 6"

    YUM W., PA (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Good reliable car but the road noise is terrible. We took the car on a multi-state road trip and the wind noise was almost deafening. We've had the dealer look at it and there is nothing wrong, just a terrible."

    Anonymous, IA (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Seats need more adjustment- height and distance from dash."

    Fred K., WI (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Front searts very uncomfortable.. Rear end very noisy, bumpy ride"

    Barbara D., NJ (2014 Mazda 5)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "I paid $17,400 for it, and got 60 month 1.9% financing, which is crazy good. It's clearly a low-end vehicle, especially my Sport trim, but it's also supremely well thought out. It was EPA rated at 21/28, 24 combined. I get 30-31 MPG highway and 26-28 city, and I'm an aggressive driver. There's another 2-4 mpg using premium, too, although I haven't worked out the cost/benefit."

    DAVID A., VT (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Purchased it as a used rental car directly from Hertz. The price was extremely good (20% less than from dealers). It was a good buy to start with. This made it much better."

    Anonymous, ON (2014 Mazda 5)

    "dealer mispriced to my benefit"

    Anonymous, NC (2014 Mazda 5)

    "The manual transmission version is 1) fun, and 2) incredibly cheap."

    TAVIS M., CA (2014 Mazda 5)

    "Compared with other cars we tried (Prius, RAV-4, CR-V, and Subaru), this was a bargain."

    Carol Y., CA (2014 Mazda 5)
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