Nissan's LEAF holds the distinction of being the first widely available and affordable all-electric car. Overall, it's a civilized vehicle with very low running costs. It's very quiet, rides comfortably and is easy to enter and exit. The main drawbacks are its limited driving range of only about 75 miles per charge and long recharge times. This makes it best used as a commuter car or an urban runabout.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"quick, responsive handling excellent, instant low speed acceleration"

J S., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"Great Acceleration, but uses battery quickly. Finding working charging station sometimes difficult."

BRUCE S., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"The drive is actually ok. The problem is that the range is SO unpredictable, and so limited that you simply can't trust it to get you anywhere. Nissan has refused to address the inaccuracies, and simply state that you signed a waiver saying the range would vary."

SIVA A., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"There is nothing like driving electric. Fast enough. Quiet. No viBRATION no emissions. Little maintenance"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"Acceleration is great, but range anxiety is tough."

OWEN P., WA (2011 Nissan Leaf)


Anonymous, FL (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"It's turn radius is not as good as the previous car I had, a first gen Prius which could turn on a dime. This one is much less flexible. Acceleration is good--no complaints there."

LESLIE H., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"Acceleration from standstill is very good and response is instantaneous. Handling is not bad but not inspiring."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"Driving all electric is a thrill. I love the acceleration. It is very stable in handling with the low center of gravity. And it's so quiet! I'm just holding out for greater battery range that I can afford. Best around town, run errands car EVER!"

P P., OR (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"Being an electric car the acceleration is fantastic."

ELLEN G., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I find the Leaf to be very comfortable and quiet. The heavy, low down weight of the batteries makes for a smooth ride and secure handling. The climate control works well in the A/C mode but heating uses too much of the battery power so is rarely used."

WILLIAM M., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"basically comfortable except large A-pillar makes visibility a bit difficult."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"The heater kills the little range you have."

KIRK F., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"Driver's seat should be adjustable. Mine is not."

RICK F., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"It's very quiet, the quietest car I have ever owned. It also provides me psychological comfort, because I can drive it without feeling that I am doing harm. Whenever I drive or ride in a vehicle that emits CO2 and other pollutants, I feel some regret. In a zero emission car, I feel no regret."

JOHN R., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"Sun visors could be bigger."

JAMES B., MO (2011 Nissan Leaf)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"As a first generation early model, it may expectations. It did require some workarounds to circumvent the Automatic climate controls in order to get more range from the battery. All short comings were addressed in later model years."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"I am dissatisfied because I don't feel comfortable driving my Leaf 35 miles on an uphill grade to visit my grandchildren. I haven't driven it there for about 6 months or more. And when I did drive it there, I would have to recharge it before I returned home (overnight). A group of Leaf owners sued Nissan because their batteries were not keeping their charge, and Leaf decided to repair or replace?? (can't remember which) if the charge reached 8 bars at full charge. Our Leaf fully charged at"

Anonymous, CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"Very utilitarian. Looks "boxy" but lots of passenger and cargo space inside. Peppy handling, good visibility inside, easy to park."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"At 70,000 miles, the battery capacity decreased to 70% and is continuing to decrease. Contact Nissan and they would only pay for 1/2 of the battery replacement. Cost to us would be $,6,000 (labor and 1/2 of battery) and the car isn't worth that much. Manufacturer wouldn't stand by its car."

CAROLE G., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"We bought the car used with 17,000 miles for only $9,000. We feel it was well worth the money."

ELLEN G., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"The Leaf is total and utter piece of crap, that Nissan refuses to support or improve. Run away from this vehicle at any price."

SIVA A., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"We purchased when it was the "new" car and expense. Even with generous incentives, it was priced high in comparison to say the Honda Fit which is a good gas car comparison. Plus, we had to spend money to prepare the charging station at our home which added to the cost."

SUSAN V., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"The online purchase option offered for early buyers combined with federal and state tax credits made the car a tremendous value. The almost complete lack of maintenance costs is another major factor in lower cost of ownership compared with any internal combustion vehicle."

STEVEN W., OR (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"The Leaf gets incredible fuel mileage. We pay only 6.8 cents per kwh so electricity is cheap to begin with. This car is FAR more fuel efficient than even our 52 MPG Prius. The battery was replaced under warranty and the new (better chemistry) battery is maintaining full capacity (unlike the old one)."

MIKE L., TX (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"It does what it should, may bee too many feathers, it is like a big e-toy, less gadgets might make it less price"

KEITH M., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"There's a major blind spot at the corner of the front windshield where the support is (I forget what it's called). I also wish it were slightly smaller."

LESLIE H., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"I was not particularly happy with the interior quality. I do not like the cloth material used for the seats. It is hard to clean. I would have preferred a vynle material, easy to wipe and dry. I replaced the floor mats because they wearing out on the driver side and attracted dirt rather than dispel it. Everything sticks to the material. I also did not like the color choices. I wanted a GREEN Leaf. I thought Nissan missed an opportunity to choose colors that were actual leaf colors."

SUSAN V., CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"The LEAF is an excellent car for local driving. The battery range, however, has never been as robust as Nissan has claimed."

STEPHEN T., TX (2011 Nissan Leaf)

"It looks ugly. Subjective, I know but it does."

Anonymous, CA (2011 Nissan Leaf)

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