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2020 Nissan Z Ratings & Reliability
Employing a strong and smooth 3.7-liter V6, the Nissan Z delivers quick acceleration and respectable fuel economy. The six-speed manual is a bit stiff but easy enough to use, and it can match revs on downshifts. Handling is planted, with quick steering and lots of grip, but somehow the car isn't as engaging to drive as one would expect. The ride is very stiff and choppy, and road and tire noise are constant. The Z's well-finished interior is cramped, and visibility is lousy. The radio and climate controls are very low, and their labels are small. A higher-performance NISMO version is also available. A noise cancelation/enhancement system helps to quiet some of the interior racket. A 50th Anniversary Edition is new for the 2020 model year.
2009 Redesign Year
Nissan Z 2019
The coupe was redesigned for 2009, with the engine getting a displacement increase to 3.7 liters. The revised convertible followed a year later. This version of the Z car is a bit shorter and lighter than the one it replaced. It also has much better interior fit and finish. Nissan's two-seat sports car is quick, agile and enjoyable to drive. Its V6 is muscular yet cultured and smooth. Shift action is a bit notchy, but crisp and positive in feel. Handling is very agile, with direct steering and lots of cornering grip. On the other hand, road and tire noise are constant and the cabin is cramped. Visibility takes a back seat as well.
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2003 Redesign Year
Nissan Z 2008
The 350Z bowed for 2003, sharing components with the Infiniti G-series. A focused and capable sports car, acceleration is very quick and handling is good, though not as agile as some. The six-speed manual has a notchy shifter. Keep in mind we're talking budget sports car here, so the ride is harsh, the cabin is cramped, and tire and road noise are pronounced. Rear visibility is also poor. A convertible with a power-operated top is available too. Later models had improved interior materials and a slightly better ride.
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