The ForTwo's tiny size and turning circle make it a breeze to park. Its tiny engine returns excellent fuel economy. But the ForTwo requires premium fuel and there's little cargo room. Acceleration is slow, the transmission is jerky, and the ride is harsh. The ForTwo finished at the bottom of our subcompact cars.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"similar to a rowboat both in ride and acceleration"

Steven C., TX (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"Slow acceleration, but outstanding smooth drive between 75-85 mph. Excellent handling."

Chelle B., VA (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"Transmission performance is a detractor. Ride is harsh on less than smooth roads"

Anonymous, VA (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"riding it is like riding in a canoe"

STEVEN C., TX (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"Acceleration using automatic shifting is very sluggish. Acceleration from stop can show very significant delay. Makes merging onto highways sometimes difficult."

Anonymous, MA (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"Considering it has a 3 cylinder 70 hps motor, I don't expect much for acceleration, BUT it can be quick when driven in manual mode. Handling is sharp and crisp. People are surprised with what it can do."

SCOTT A., MN (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"It is a fun, small car that makes it more fun because it is a convertible. However, it does have a tight, low suspension that is not comfortable over any bump in the road. The transmission is jerky and don't expect quick acceleration. But it has been very dependable, money saving and again, fun. The negatives I've mentioned were not unexpected. But when you take it into service every 10k miles to your local Mercedes dealer, you likely will get a free loaner CLK or E Class for a day. They do spoi"

DOUGLAS A., MD (2008 Smart ForTwo)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"2008 Smart car puts you up high seat wise so you don't feel like you're going to be squashed by bigger cars. Most fun I've ever had driving a car. I drive it like a bat out of hell and never get stopped by police. Ride only bad on very bumpy roads, but I don't care. I'll have this car forever."

Cheri S., OK (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"As is true for all Smart For Two's the suspension is horrible in terms of rough ride. Unfortunately the manufacturer has not seen fit to respond to this universal complaint. It would be great to receive information from them on what aftermarket solutions would help ameliorate the problem"

WILLIAM J., OH (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"There are 2 things I don't like about the smart car, both are very important to me. One is that the passenger seat does not recline very much. This was not obvious when I first bought it and very much of a problem when we go on drives longer than a couple of hours. The other problem is that it can't be towed except on a 4-wheel dolly. It must be on a 4-wheel dolly which is a big problem each time we move as our other car - a Forester - can't tow something that heavy. This is very important becau"

BET C., TN (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"Once I understood the technology, that the transmission was geared but controlled electronically, the way it shifted became perfectly acceptable; I just pretend it's a manual transmission. Also, once I accepted the very short wheel base, the choppy ride became acceptable as well; I just avoid bad roads whenever possible."

J G., CA (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"I am 6'4" and 300# and I love the space in the drivers seat! I love the view as a convertible and the ability to raise or lower the roof while driving. The ride can be rough (read: Go-Cart) on bumpy roads as the suspension is very stiff. The AC & Heat work very well here in Minnesota. The seat heaters are a treat!"

SCOTT A., MN (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"Not surprising road noise is significant. But recently the car also developed a whistle that related to air leak in one of the door seals. Could not figure out how to address."

Anonymous, MA (2008 Smart ForTwo)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Only takes 8 gals. of gas and so easy to park anywhere. Great in town car. Love it!"

Anonymous, NV (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"The car gets good gas mileage and easy to park."

Anonymous, CA (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"16000 loaded with leather and sun roof. Wow love all the complements. Even today after 10 years. Strangers approach me at the fuel station. The all plastic body's ability to look NEW is amazing."

Al M., MS (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"Cute peppy car for a reasonable price"

Anonymous, LA (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"cheap car that drives cheap"

STEVEN C., TX (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"almost everything can be fixed by clearing the computers and resetting them"

Anonymous, TX (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"Maintenance costs more than $1100 per year in repairs"

J I., WI (2008 Smart ForTwo)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"It's still eye catching despite the fact it's 8 years old. How many cars can clam that?"

MEL L., PA (2008 Smart ForTwo)

"looks neat - always gets comments from big suv/truck owners about where i plug it in. i also like interior styling - this is one of the most fun cars to drive!!!"

MARK A., AE (2008 Smart ForTwo)

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