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Subaru Crosstrek

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Subaru Crosstrek 2016 4-door SUV
Trim Shown: Touring
The Crosstrek is a small quasi-SUV version of the Impreza hatchback, with a raised ride height that gives it enough clearance to slosh through deeply rutted roads. It may appeal to those people who live at the end of a dirt road and don't want anything big and bulky. The cabin is rather noisy, the ride is stiff, and the 148-hp, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine occasionally has to work hard, but fuel economy is a gratifying 26 mpg. The costlier Hybrid barely improves on that, at 28 mpg. At least the Hybrid is a little quieter and sounds less strained. Either way, the regular Impreza hatch may be a better choice: It's quieter, quicker, cheaper, and better riding.

Safety Equipment

ABS and ESC standard. Side and head protection air bags standard.

Road Test

The Crosstrek is basically an Impreza hatchback with a higher ride height, added body cladding, and large wheels that are intended to give it a more rugged look. The regular Crosstrek's 148-hp, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine helps it deliver a frugal...


  • It's roomier than alternatives like the Nissan Juke or Mini Countryman
  • Even well equipped, it costs less than most small SUVs


  • If you don't need the Crosstrek's added ground clearance, most buyers will do better with an Impreza Sport hatchback for less
  • Ride and steering aren't as good as its Impreza donor

Best Version to Get

The Premium model comes well equipped with no need to add major options.


2 front, 3 rear
Drive Wheels

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Body Styles
4-door SUV
Transmissions Available
  • 5-speed Manual
  • CVT
Engines Available
  • 2-liter 4 hybrid (160 hp)
  • 2-liter 4 (148 hp)