This iteration of the Subaru Legacy scores among the top tier of family sedans and offers standard all-wheel drive. It is significantly roomier and quieter than the previous model and has impressive ride comfort and responsive handling. Even with all-wheel-drive, the fuel economy is impressive, thanks to its continuously variable transmission (CVT).
There are 18 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"The GT Model has outstanding acceleration and very respectable handling."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"This vehicle has the 6 cylinder engine. Acceleration is very good. Engine has adequate power to tow a 3000lb. trailer with the factory installed trailer hitch."

Anonymous, CT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Rather sluggish acceleration but handles well."

Carl F., NY (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"It handles well in snow and rain."

Rochelle H., WV (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"CVT keeps going, makes accelerating smooth. With occasional paddle shifting, handling on curvey roads great fun."

Bill W., UT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"I love the handling."

Alan R., NY (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"It handles very well on curves, gravel roads in the back country, on hills, and in the mud. I feel safe when driving my Subaru as we have owned Subarus since the 1970s."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Good acceleration for a 4-cylinder sedan, and very responsive and stable handling."

Steven E., WI (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Goes well in snow and ice. The car is easy to steer and rides well. Brakes are very good."

David M., WY (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The car handles very well. The flat six sits low which helps cornering. The flat six produces sufficient horsepower to accelerate quickly. Passing is very quick, part throttle high speed acceleration is outstanding."

Eric C., MD (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"This car handles like it’s on rails, so happy. I wish it had a little more pep, but it still does just fine."

Jessica B., RI (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"This is a rare auto. 265 hp and 6-speed manual. It is intended for driving, not video games. The current trends will fail."

James C., WI (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Very happy with everything"

Richard B., NY (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Good power and easy handling"

Anonymous, AB (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"paddles make it great for mountain driving. Handles well and is gas efficient"

Robert P., CO (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Great in the snow in winter. quick & stable on the road at freeway speed."

Anonymous, WI (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Great handling. Drives like it's on rails"

George G., MD (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"handling is superb, great acceleration. steering is flawless"

John G., IL (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Good excelleration and handling."

Anonymous, NY (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Small 4 cyl. but flat 4 has plenty power for daily drives and most occasional situations. Paddle shifters help and car stays low & tight in turns. Comfortable seating for long trips too"

Anonymous, UT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"It handles well in all types of weather"

Anonymous, CT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"It's the base model 2.5i. But it feels very solid on the road. From maneuvering in traffic to speeds well above the speed limit, it's smooth and solid. Not too soft, not too hard. I notice more engine noise than with other midsize cars I've driven. But it's not obtrusive at all."

Anonymous, MA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Easy to drive"

Michele S., NE (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"This is la very fast and quick car."

James C., WI (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Excellent acceleration and good 4 wheel drive handling"

William J., TN (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"This car was a dream driving through a huge blizzard in 2010. Other cars were spinning out or losing control, but not this one. It was fantastic."

MARK S., NJ (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"It is occasionally slow to accelerate, either when first backing out of the garage or after freewheeling downhill."

D T., UT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Car is a great combination of very fast performance, good handling, exceptional brakes and good gas mileage. In highway driving without the need of the air conditioner it delivers a steady 32 MPG and is averaging about 25 overall."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"All wheel drive and relatively good mileage"

SAUL-SHERRY S., VT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Just a basic boxer 4 but with CVT it's smooth even when working harder. Paddle shifters help on occasion to lesson the load going up. And because of the low mount boxer design, it does handle almost BMW-like (my other ride)"

BILL W., UT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Power and fun to drive."

JOSHUA W., PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"I had to get used to the different feeling of the CV transmission. It made me feel a bit "separated" from the road, due to the different RPM to speed relationship. But its (CVT) performance is excellent."

RUSSELL N., OR (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The handling is excellent.At 65 years old I am a careful driver but sometimes I have to quickly move away from someone who is not so careful to avoid an accident. This car maneuvers quickly and safely where I want it to go. I feel safe in this car at all times as it moves up steep mountain roads and through heavy snow. It handles better than any car I ever had."

MARY B., PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"I press the accelerator and it moves in the direction I want it to with authority, even with the 4 cylinder engine. It handled very well and CVT transmission is nice on curvy roads."

FRANK L., MI (2010 Subaru Legacy)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Just flat out a nice ride. Handles well and is comfortable."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Comfortable yet noisy"

Kirsten B., CO (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Driver seat comfort is not great after half hour."

Hollis B., WA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"After 8 years, this car is still super comfortable. The leather is plush and it rides very well. The top trim line was a great choice for longevity"

Rob B., WA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The ground clearance is to small you drag the under carriage when you pull up in front of a store if it was three or four inches higher would be better you also sit to low harder to get in and out"

Arlin H., WA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Relatively comfortable as are the controls to use"

Anonymous, AB (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Very compliant ride with almost no harshness; Seats are highly adjustable making long drives comfortable"

Anonymous, PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Love my subaru"

Richard B., NY (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Very comfortable seats"

Alan R., NY (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Passenger seat is very low. It feels like sitting in a hole. It is hard to see out of passenger seat because it is so low"

C S., OH (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"driver seat electric controls stopped working a year ago and would have to replace entire seat which was very expensive"

Anonymous, CA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The lumbar support on the driver's seat is exceptional"

Anonymous, ON (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The height of the seat is very low"

Anonymous, CT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"More wind noise than I'd like"

Anonymous, BC (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The road noise in this vehicle is quite loud at highway speeds"

Kevin S., CO (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The seats do not fit my wife and she has to add a lumbar support for long trips and it is too low. The car does not absorb bumps and is very noisy on any surface that is not smooth"

RICHARD E., CA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The car rides very smoothly and has good acceleration."

Anonymous, VA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The passenger seat should have more distance between seat and floor to be comfortable for me. Drivers seat can be raised and is a good height for me when at the top"

KAREN S., NY (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Too many rattles in the car. Moon roof rattles when in full open position despite multiple attempts to have dealer fix. Rattles in undercarriage."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Very comfortable overall. Heating/cooling system loud. More road noise than expected."

KIRSTEN B., CO (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The sedan is super roomy, has limited blind spots and is a very comfortable ride. I love the leather too"

ROB B., WA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"This is a "Premium" trim level 2010 model. This was not one of the options available for selection on type of this car. The passenger seats on Subaru Legacy do not have electric controls without going to the most expensive "Limited" trim, and also this trim does not offer full electric seat adjustments available for the driver. A passenger with back-related health issues is not comfortable in Subaru cars, since there is NO ADJUSTIBLE LUMBAR SUPPORT for the passenger. We have talked to the dea"

Anonymous, NH (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The ride is very compliant with no harshness and still provides very good handling. Over rough and uneven surfaces the suspension does not transmit harshness or rough ride to the passengers in the car."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The only downside to this car is that it has developed quite a few rattling noises in several areas - under dash, door panels, etc."

STEVE H., VT (2010 Subaru Legacy)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"This vehicle's exterior lighting system has frequent issues. Headlights out/not working, brake lights dysfunctional/requiring replacement, running lights not working. When bulbs/parts replace the brightness is not the same on both sides of vehicle. Replacement/installation of bulbs/parts in most cases is done by serviceman, a cost to me, considering other vehicles I've purchased have not required bulb replacement in it's lifetime. This is also a safety hazard, since brake and headlight outages easily go unnoticed."

Anonymous, TX (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"I have a reliable vehicle that has no major problems and has not cost me much to maintain it."

Anonymous, PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Too much road noise. Rides too low. Excelleeration is not great."

Anonymous, CO (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Such a nice driving and handling car. Also the all wheel drive system is outrageous, so good driving in the snow."

Jessica B., RI (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"This was first year of new, current Legacy design. Was like an AWD Camry, only better."

Bill W., UT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"This Subaru has been a rock of reliability. One minor repair on the 7 years I've owned it. (hydraulic clutch line leaking). Other than that it has been amazing. We would buy another Subaru in a heartbeat. Not to mention the AWD system. In a word; fantastic"

Anonymous, MA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"For the package of features, no one else came close in price"

Anonymous, BC (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"2010 was first year for this "Camry killer"-- AWD sedan with CVT gets great mpg. Easily handles 5 adults. Paddle shifters fun bonus and help when extra acceleration is needed."

Anonymous, UT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Great value for the money - 4 wheel drive, sun roof, leather, didn't break down, recalls demonstrated willingness to bear responsibility"

Judy P., NY (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Almost all of the bells and whistles of a comparable Lexus or Acura at several thousand dollars less."

Richard R., IL (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Very well featured and appointed vehicle for price relative to Honda Accord and Toyota Camry."

Anonymous, IL (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"2.5 week on power"

MORRIS G., WY (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Great car that is well built and very reliable. Good gas mileage for an all-wheel drive. As for value, I'm always looking for a better deal, but did a good deal when we purchased it. I know the new Subarus are much nor quiet and upscale than before, but the 2010 is has a lot of road and engine noise. Wind noise is subdued."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"From first few months, I called it a "Camry killer". As as sedan, it had 4wd, huge back seat and CVT delivering great mpg. All in nice pkg in & out well under Toys and Hondas. And after nearly 7 years, reliability too!"

BILL W., UT (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"All wheel drive standard at price like other FWD cars"

KEN M., NJ (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"This car is well made and handles very well. This is my third Subaru and though I can afford more expensive vehicles none have the safety ratings of the Subaru. Despite the age of the car, there have been no major repairs and only the usual oil changes and tires. I think I had the front brakes replaced once. This car is safe and economical. I use regular 87 or 89 octane fuel and it runs well."

MARY B., PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Compared to all-wheel-drive sedans from any other manufacturer, Subaru is the best value I could find -- and this is my second Subaru sedan."

ROSS V., CO (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Subarus are reasonably priced vehicles and so is the maintenance on the vehicle. This car has been very reliable. It's not fancy but that doesn't matter to our family."

Anonymous, CO (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Good value for your money"

Anonymous, NY (2010 Subaru Legacy)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"excellent mountain car.very good gas mileage. comfortable and efficient. paddles on steering wheel for controlled decent and traffic control."

ROBERT P., CO (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"Styling is good overall, but the newer version is a little better with the speaker look and LED lighting."

Anonymous, OH (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"People are still commenting on how nice the car is and like the style and color"

CHARLES M., PA (2010 Subaru Legacy)

"The car looks sleek, even for a 2010. It's elegant and has held up well over time"

ROB B., WA (2010 Subaru Legacy)
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