If you want an affordable family sedan with all-wheel drive, the Legacy is the only game in town. It's also a value-packed ride with a spacious interior and good fuel economy. Where it falls a bit short is in refinement and performance. For 2013, Subaru tweaked the steering and suspension, which helped make emergency handling more secure and predictable. But the changes also robbed the car of its plush ride.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Over all preferences"

Roger P., NH (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The acceleration is par and sometimes not so good but the handling is good especially with that low center of gravity and all wheel drive"

Joe C., UT (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The AWD was wonderful this past winter (lots of snow)."

Anonymous, ID (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Excellent performance. Fun to drive"

Andrew D., OH (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The mileage is well above expectations, and the ride is very smooth and quiet."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The acceleration is just okay, but the drive and handling is fantastic."

Rick W., NV (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"I like the in cabin noise is so low. I like the quick acceleration and the handling. I drove down the coast from the Pacific Northwest down to San Diego, California and back. I know that I can get in my car put gas in it and take off on a road trip with no reservations. I would recommend this care without hesitation."

Allen P., OR (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Very good acceleration (low end torque)."

Daniel P., NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"See previous comment. Could use more torque, though, as a creation takes a while."

Steven L., QC (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Love the V-6, great acceleration, awd helps in inclement weather."

Ryan M., WA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The car handles pretty well. No complaints. However the 2.5i I got doesn't accelerate very well (about 10 seconds 0-60) which makes it challenging merging onto the highway with 2 teens over 100 lbs and a bowling bag filled with 3 15-lb balls. When I'm in the car by myself it's fine for acceleration."

Michael S., IL (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The 2013 Legacy corners tightly and handles great on the rural roads of Tennessee. Although the acceleration is not as good as it is in my turbo powered Forester, this car does pretty well."

Ronald H., TN (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"ample acceleration as long as you're not a lead-foot corners well, smooth riding"

Anonymous, VA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Excellent all wheel drive handling but rather anemic acceleration."

John T., NJ (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Pickup is stronger than the SUV I have. And it gets a nice speed without strain, rattling, or shuddering."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The 2013 Subaru Legacy has enough acceleration to be able to merge on highways well, and enough acceleration to be able to get out of trouble should other drivers do something dumb. around me."

Edward F., MA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"transmission surges, especially when I first start driving"

Charles H., NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Great pickup and response. Steering is tight without too much nose or body roll. Occasionally within the first 5 minutes of starting, loses power on the downshift, but regains it quickly."

Walter S., TX (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Great acceleration (6 cylinder) and handles very well in all seasons."

David S., PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Sluggish and underpowered but great handling and the AWD is amazing."

Ryan Z., MN (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"It accelerates well and takes curves great"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The accelerator is "stiff" at low speeds or coming out of a stop. It makes for "lunging" coming out of a stop or at very slow speeds."

Sonny G., TN (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"good handlig"

Anonymous, ON (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Fantastically smooth exceleration with great all wheel drive handling"

Andrew S., NJ (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Acceleration is slow with the 4 cylinder but car is able to tackle really bad roads with no issues"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"all wheel drive handled turns and corners very well"

Rick H., PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"nothing handles like a Subaru in snow or ice"

Anonymous, MI (2013 Subaru Legacy)

""Eye Sight" system and "All-Wheel" handling and traction control are outstanding."

Anonymous, WA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The steering is a little bit "quick." That is, a small rotation of the steering wheel produces quite a bit of change in direction. It's more like a sports car than a sedan."

SONNY G., TN (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"This car handles better than any car manufactured this century that I've driven. At higher speeds (>60) it is precise and a "road hugger". I couldn't be more pleased."

EMMA M., KS (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"best handling vehicle I ever drove in icy conditions"

MICHAEL L., WI (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"good handling, ride comfort. bad oil consumption. having to add oil twice when low oil warning lights on in between oil changes is annoying enough. Subaru deny responsibility saying half a quart oil consumed in 2 K miles is normal. nonsense!"

Anonymous, CA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"2013 does not have a backup camera. It was impossible to judge distance accurately. I spent $750 to have a backup camera on my mirror installed."

Anonymous, CT (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Very good handling, very neutral the way the car move in corner. Acceleration is average, the CVT doesn't provide enough torque (transmission doesn't translate the torque well)"

Anonymous, NV (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"There is a serious lag when accelerating. Handling is very unstable in a cross wind. Way too much road and wind noise."

Anonymous, NV (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Hard to get around corners. I often hit the curb, unusual compared to older subaru I had."

Anonymous, OR (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Too low to ground"

Anonymous, MA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The acceleration and handling of the Legacy is superior to any other car in it's class I've driven. I just love this Subaru."

Anonymous, TX (2013 Subaru Legacy)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Great visibility and ride. Some road noise comes through. Car always feels planted when cornering, which adds confidence."

Steven L., QC (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The engine is noisy when it (automatically) switches gears -- which around town means its noisy a lot. We found the seats to be much more comfortable than those in the 2013 Camry, which we also looked at; and also preferred the interior styling over the Camry -- and we had had 3 previous Camrys! The ride is perhaps a little "hard", but was not a deal-breaker for us."

Anonymous, MD (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"This vehicle is easy to drive 7+ hours in a day. Comfy seats, good mileage."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"I find the ride a little jarring on badly worn pavement, as if the shocks/struts aren’t up to the task. I even had my mechanic examine the shocks and he reports they’re functioning fine."

Howard A., RI (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Comfortable for about 1 hour. Then need to get out and move around for a few minutes."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Very comfortable leather seats and climate control."

Andrew S., NJ (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"I have lower back problems & the seats in the Subaru are extremely supportive with the multidirectional adjustments. I can drive for miles without pain or discomfort. The heated seats also feel wonderful when my back hurts. The extra $500 package spent for the heated seats and defrosting side mirrors & wiper blades was well worth the money. Would certainly do that again. I recently rented a newer model Toyota with the same number of miles & had to stop to get a lumbar support and wished I had driven my own car (Subaru)."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Firm sporty ride.more noticable in passenger seat"

Anonymous, OH (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The seats are comfortable for short, as well as most tall passengers. They're firm and conform to body shape, making it easier to sit for longer periods of time than other vehicles I've had. The heat/cooling system doesn't work as well-it takes a longer time to cool off."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Suspension is very stiff. Small undulations in the pavement are transferred to driver/passengers. Suspension would be more fitting on a sports car."

Sonny G., TN (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Very comfortable 6-way power driver and passenger seats. Very roomy back seat. Firm, quiet ride, very good handling."

Randy H., CT (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The seats and ride of the 2013 Legacy is fantastic. It is the right blend of comfort and sporty feel. I do not like cars that ride like they are "floating," but rather prefer cars that provide road feedback and corner tightly. The Subaru Legacy accomplishes this very nicely."

Ronald H., TN (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Stiff ride"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Uncomfortable drivers seat...hard."

Anonymous, IL (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The cloth seats in our 2013 Legacy are more comfortable than the leather seats in our 2014 Legacy."

Anonymous, CA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"we are very pleased with the ride and noise with this car although after driving a newer model of the same car....the 2015 and newer models are much better!"

Don B., OH (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"I am a Uber driver and get many comments on the Legacy's comfort. I've had riders take a nap on long rides."

Anonymous, SC (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"steering requires too much effort"

Arthur W., MI (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The passenger seat is extremely uncomfortable for long rides. Somehow the posture is very bad."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The power passenger seat can be easily adjusted for comfort for different people"

Anonymous, MD (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Seats are OK on comfort and ride noise is a little high. Additionally, there are two metal rings that keeps the lumbar support wire within the seat in place so the lumbar support actually works; this metal ring is really thin and I've had to replace both rings."

Ryan Z., MN (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"It's a bit noisy and with no front bumper I have chipped paint. Finish scratches easily"

Marti V., NC (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Room, comfortable, quiet, easy access to accessories"

Ryan M., WA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Engine noise is apparent in cabin"

David P., NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"great quality and holding up well"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Passenger seat is low for me, so I added a special seat cushion for comfort, vision etc. Everything else fine as that is now also."

R F., MO (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Climate controls could be better located Hard to adjust while driving"

HECTOR M., WV (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Great feel while driving. Very comfortable."

RYAN M., WA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The car is a little bit noisier (tire noise) than some. The ride is a touch firm."

DOUG T., OR (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Ride is a little stiff."

DANIEL P., NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"road noise and harsh ride"

HELEN H., NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Windows fog up a lot when it is damp outside. Never had that problem with any other make."

Anonymous, WI (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Lower dash rubs against my right leg. I am 6'4" tall. Probably would not bother a shorter driver."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The heater does not provide much heat for the feet"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The value of the Subaru Legacy is quite simple. You get a great commuter car with lots of room all the way around, all wheel drive, good gas mileage, simple comfort, and decent pep for not a ton of money."

Joe C., UT (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The Legacy was significantly less than the Camry we considered and had more options than the more expensive Camry."

Anonymous, AZ (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"To get an all wheel drive vehicle like this is an exceptional value."

Rick W., NV (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"excellent quality"

Anonymous, PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"This car is "great bang for the buck". It has all the features you want, gets great mileage and it's an all wheel drive Sedan."

Anonymous, CO (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"It has great handling with simple to use controls and easy to maintain. (I do my own maintenance,)"

Mark W., PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"It’s a great car for a reasonable cost. It hasn’t had any major repairs and I love Subaru"

Anonymous, TX (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Because of an excellent service department (Subaru Dealer) that keeps my car in good working order, and warranty coverage, I have not had any major repairs since owning the car. The one big complaint I do have is the fact that I purchased a brand new car for safety reasons, and have had to drive the car since purchase (5-1/2 years) with Takata airbags. I can't believe it has taken Subaru so long to fix the problem."

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"the eye sight system and the Harmon Kardon stereo system are fabulous!!"

Christine M., MN (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Good value on resale or trade"

Anonymous, MN (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Our Suburu has delivered to us exactly what we wanted for the price we paid. Extremely safe and reliable transportation for a very fair price. Highlights are handling in the variety of weather conditions that we face along with solid fuel efficiency for an AWD sedan that comfortably seats 5. The only negative thing I can say about the vehicle is the quality of the factory stereo system. Stereo controls are fine but the sound of the system leaves quite a bit to be desired. Shallow and tinny would be the best description. In hindsight, paying for the upgraded system would have been worthwhile. Overall though, like most Suburus, our Legacy is as reliable and safe as the day is long."

John K., WI (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"I believe the Legacy is one of the few sedans you can get with AWD. For what I paid for it, it was a great value. The audio system is a little ancient since it's a 2013 (I hear the new ones are much better in this area). However, all the safety and visibility and reliability are well worth it."

Michael S., IL (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"The value is still stellar. No major problems. Only routine maintenance."

Anonymous, PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"A great value combination of reliability and comfort"

Michele K., NJ (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"great car!....good gas mileage...huge gas tank so no need to stop often for fill ups.....comfortable on long trips.....handles awesome in bad weather ....never have to worry if we can get to our destination because of the awesome symmetrical all wheel drive system Subaru uses!...and we love the reliability we have had with our past Subaru's....."

Don B., OH (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"It is very hard to find an AWD car in the 20-28k range. Generally you have to upgrade to a luxury car to get that feature. We also did not want an SUV so the Legacy as a mid sized sedan was really our only option"

Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Would purchase again simply because of value. Comfortably equipped, historically reliable mid sized sedan with AWD for under 30,000."

David P., NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Received the Legacy in October of 2013 when they were trying to get rid of them (end of year). Received it for $7000 off MSRP. At that price could not pass it up."

Samuel S., CT (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"This is a solid car in this class at a very fair price point."

John T., NJ (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Lane-sensing, vehicle-sensing Eyesight system is worthwhile, especially with respect to cruise-control over long distances."

Robert K., IL (2013 Subaru Legacy)


Anonymous, NY (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Great value for the money and has low cost maintenance. Handles extremely well in all kinds of weather."

David S., PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Buying a Subaru is like getting AWD for free, and it's a great AWD system."

Kary K., WA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"This is a great value, it is a safe, well made vehicle that performs well in all types of Colorado weather."

Lorraine B., CO (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"I was able to purchase this all wheel drive Legacy for exactly $25000 - apparently a profit of about $50 to the dealer. It gives me not only all wheel drive to be able to get up my steep driverway in the winter, but passive protection while driving in terms of the strong Subaru occupant protection systems, which fortunately I have never had to rely on during a crash, but my niece fared very well in a serious accident in a Subaru Impreza we sold her, while the car was seriously crushed. I plan to buy Subarus from here on out."

Edward F., MA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Great value on the purchase. Cost vs expected longevity"

MARSHALL P., CO (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"We bought the car new and we need to add oil every 2500 miles. I am told this is a know issue with the rings. I am not sure why you continue to rate the car as excellent when this model and others have the oil issue"

Anonymous, CO (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"it is important not to overpay. one can see on the internet which dealers have the car one wants and then over the phone or in person continue the haggling. subaru is truly the car that sells itself."

Anonymous, NJ (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Great driver seat, bad passenger seat, Love bluetooth phone,great engine - boxer engine; 4 wheel drive and braking for great handling."

DANIEL B., PA (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"We weren't told by the dealer that Suburu knew there was a problem (built 2013) with the engine using too much oil which ultimately would damage the engine and catalytic converter. (Subaru used racing engine technology but racing engines are rebuilt after every race.) We found this out from our non-dealer mechanic. We had the dealer do an oil-consumption test and the top part of the engine was rebuilt at Suburu cost. Now the engine doesn't "burn " oil, at all. We were repeatedly told before tha"

SALLY R., NC (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Overall ride performance bad weather handling and climate control system are excellent. It is a car you will feel safe and secure in all road conditions. Has a great sense of safety all around you in the cabin."

MICHELE K., NJ (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"They have a terrific trade in value compared to most other vehicle lines"

ALBERT K., FL (2013 Subaru Legacy)

"Engine rebuilt by dealer still burns oil like crazy, manufacturer will not stand behind product. Never will buy a Subaru again."

Anonymous, ME (2013 Subaru Legacy)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"The styling is rather plain. I don't value styling that highly so I don't mind."

JOE M., AB (2013 Subaru Legacy)
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