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Tesla Model 3

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Tesla's Model 3 sedan is the most affordable electric model with a price that currently starts at $49,000. The Model 3 Long-Range can go 310 miles on a charge in our measurement. It takes 12 hours to charge on a 32-amp 240-volt connector. The acceleration is swift and its handling is remarkably agile. The interior is uncluttered and nicely finished, and the front seats are comfortable. However, the ride is very stiff and choppy, and the rear seat sits uncomfortably low. The controls are very distracting, since many simple tasks, such as adjusting the mirrors, require spending time interacting with the large touch screen. Tesla's Autopilot system can add convenience but could potentially lull drivers into complacency. Standard battery versions slated for the future will have an EPA-rated 220-mile range. All-wheel drive and performance versions are also available.
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2017 Redesign Year
Tesla Model 3 2018
The latest model to join Tesla's portfolio is the Model 3 sedan, positioned as the most affordable car in the line. The Model 3 with the 60-kWh battery promises an EPA-rated 215-mile range, swift acceleration, and a full suite of standard advanced safety features. There is also a higher-performance 75-kWh version with dual motors. All Model 3s come equipped with the Autopilot driver-assist hardware that can be enabled with an over-the-air software upgrade. Sized and priced to compete with the BMW 3 Series, the Model 3 seats five in its stark cabin. The dash is barren, with the exception of a massive, landscape-oriented touch screen.
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