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    Tesla Model 3

    The latest model to join Tesla's portfolio is the Model 3 sedan, positioned as the most affordable car in the line. With prices starting at $35,000 before incentives, the Model 3 with the 60-kWh battery promises an EPA-rated 215-mile range, swift acceleration, and a full suite of standard advanced safety features. There is also a higher-performance 75-kWh version with dual motors.
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    Tesla Model 3 Electric Car Unveiled

    Starting at $36,620 the all-new midsized sedan promises 220-mile range and swift performance


    With as much anticipation as the original Apple iPhone, Tesla has unveiled the most affordable car in its electric vehicle portfolio, the Model 3 with a price ranging from $36,200 to $57,700, before federal and state tax incentives. It's about the size of a BMW 3-Series. 

    Like the Model S, the Model 3 can be had with options such as Autopilot software, premium package, winter package and all-wheel-drive. 

    The Model 3 is predicted to have an EPA-rated range of 220 miles and the uplevel version with a bigger battery has a claimed range of 310 miles. Acceleration from 0-60 mph is promised to be under six seconds with the base-model. 

    The first Model 3 has rolled off the assembly line in early July, 2017. 

    Though the Model 3 is the newest Tesla, it has been part of Tesla's strategy for years. A decade ago, the company outlined a three-stage assault on internal-combustion vehicles dubbed the "Secret Master Plan." First, a low-volume car that would prove that electric vehicles could be compelling: the Tesla Roadster. Next, a slightly-higher-volume, premium car that would prove that an electric sedan could be among the best cars in the world. That was the Model S. (Musk calls the Model X SUV "step two-point-five.")

    The final step: An affordable high-volume car, the Model 3.

    Impressions The ability to fast charge at Tesla's Supercharging venues will come with a cost. The Autopilot advanced safety system is optional.
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