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A 2010 freshening helped Camry improve its standing as one of the best family sedans. Key attributes include a composed ride as well as a quiet, spacious and comfortable cabin. The 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and six-speed automatic transmission deliver an impressive 26 mpg overall. Electronic stability control is standard.
There are 9 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Owner Satisfaction

Consumer ­Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey can improve the chances of finding a compatible car match. How? Our survey data reveals whether, all things considered, owners would buy the same car again. The answer to that question is what determines our owner-satisfaction rating, which is a powerful piece of intel because it predicts how well a particular model will satisfy other owners.

Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction With:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

“The 2010 Camry has a 4 cly engine yet it can keep up with the most of them. We have made Many trips between Florida and Connecticut and I can honestly say I am well pleased.”

PETER T., FL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The acceleration from a stop is aggravating. No matter how lightly you try to push on the pedal, the car lurches. Neither of us are able to make a smooth start. The dealer/service dept. said this is the way this model is. We have a 2010 Camry XLE 4 cyl.”

TOM A., NC (2010 Toyota Camry)

“when shifting (automatic) with cold engine, it struggles to go into the next gear but once it warms up it shifts just fine.”

Anonymous, AR (2010 Toyota Camry)

“1+ second delay from gas pedal to actual acceleration. Not what you buy a V6 for!”

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“From a stop, it is hard to accelerate smoothly. It tends to jerk at initial acceleration. We took it in to the dealership soon after purchase but they said everything was fine. This is our only complaint about the vehicle.”

AMY B., VA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“gas mileage is less than expected. My 2002 Camry gets better mileage so I am disappointed Toyota went backwards on this”

Anonymous, TX (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The car has very good acceleration when trying to pass.”

Anonymous, VT (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Weak accelleration due to 4 cyl engine. Weak A/C, takes a good while to blow cooler. However, that could be due to the fact that it's summer in Texas, about 10 months out of 12.”

K J., TX (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The handling of the car is stiff yet not compliant with the road. The firmness of the ride is nothing more than a hard ride that is in no whatsoever a better suspension designed for improved handling. It leaves the impression of being an industrial design. The engine seems to run smoothly but more torque over a broader and higher rpm range is needed. More horsepower/torque are needed and the fuel consume is excessive. The transmission shifting is not smooth and was often abrupt under load.”

VERONIKA A., CA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“We still have problems with the acceleration even after the recall.”

Anonymous, MO (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Very fast when needed. Blew the doors off a new Ram Hemi Truck between lights one night. Amazing acceleration.”

Anonymous, ON (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The 2.5 ltr. With 6 speed transmission is quick and smooth. The suspension g8ve a very comfortable ride.”

ROBERT B., NY (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Originally the handling was unsatisfactory so i purchased and installed an aftermarket front strut bar and a larger rear anti-sway bar. The handling improved dramatically and the car became fun to drive.”

DOUG H., ON (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The car is quiet, tight and responsive.”

NAN A., PA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Should have got the V-6”

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Acceleration and handling”

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Just what I wanted.”

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The car doesn't have great emergency acceleration. If we have to floor it, the car is a bit sluggish. That can be frightening when you need the car to accelerate quickly and it doesn't. The Camry isn't the best in tight corners--the car tends to drift a little. It doesn't skid (we don't drive all that fast), but it doesn't hug the corners.”

Anonymous, NM (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Poor acceleration at highway speeds ( noticeable hesitation when trying to pass or quick acceleration on an onramp)”

JOEL C., CA (2010 Toyota Camry)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

“the camry is great for in town driving, but I do not like to take it on road trips. I feel a bit cramped. My Honda Odyssey spoiled me.”

Anonymous, FL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“I do not care for Leather Seats but my wife likes them because they can be heated????”

Anonymous, PA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Noise level is high. Air conditioning is erratic. Not very roomy. Back seats do not fold down, limiting storage room. I would not purchase this particular model in the future.”

Anonymous, MA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seats are not as comfortable as any of the other Toyotas I have owned especially on long trips.”

GRAEME T., ON (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seats to low , causing mild back pain”

R L., PA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The car is smooth quiet the seats are comfortable and everything works!”

Anonymous, IL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seats are comfortable for long trips.”

JAMES J., NY (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The seats are uncomfortable. I don't think I could drive this car on long trips.”

JAMES N., TX (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Love the gel filled leather seats”

Anonymous, TX (2010 Toyota Camry)

“I have lower back problems and the seats are not supportive for my back.”

Anonymous, MO (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Air conditioner takes a long time to start producing cold air when car is first started after being parked in the sun on hot days.”

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Non Power passenger seat”

Anonymous, MA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seats are OK, not excellent. Road noise is not as quiet as I would like.”

Anonymous, IL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“My Camry is an SE version and the seats are fairly ridgid.”

STEVE N., MS (2010 Toyota Camry)

“I had leather seats installed, as well as nigt driving mirror with a homelink systems and outdoor body guards.”

Anonymous, FL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“I'm 5'6". My husband is 6'. He always bumps his head getting in and out. I also do quite often but not always. The cabin noise is too loud. Love the moon roof. It allows us to bring our dog along during warm weather. Love the lumbar support in the driver's seat. Wish passenger seat also had it. Would like climate separate control controls for each side. Love the heated seats. We live in NW WI. Winter is long!”

Anonymous, WI (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seats are uncomfortable and hurt my back”

ROGER M., GA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Almost didn't make the upgrade to leather seats and steering wheel controls for $1000 - glad I did!”

Anonymous, WA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Too much road noise in the 2010 Toyota. 2015 model much quieter.”

JERRY F., TX (2010 Toyota Camry)

“It is somewhat noisy in the cabin at high speeds on the freeways. I wish it were a little quieter. Too much wind noise”

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“This car has the comfort and ride quality of a luxury car.”

MICHAEL G., MS (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Riding in the rear seat is a bit rigid and road noise is greater than it should be.”

Anonymous, OK (2010 Toyota Camry)

“I can safely drive comfortably for long ride over 500 miles”

Anonymous, NV (2010 Toyota Camry)

“This spring I had to make 3 trips to the shop getting refridgeant replaced. The total cost was about $1200. My leaks started two days after I had the local dealer check it out as a possible trade in. They offered me only $3500 trade for my 2010 camry on a new 2016 camry. I have 109000 miles on my car. I told them they were nuts!!!”

LAMAR W., ID (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Auto climate control does not maintain a constant temperature. Dealer says it is working normally. 'We put it on the machine and it is working properly."”

Anonymous, VA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Road noise is a little high for me.”

RICHARD L., LA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Ride is excellent, seats are comfortable with the power seat adjustment and lumbar support. Passenger seat not as comfortable.”

Anonymous, MI (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Stiff ride, road noise”

Anonymous, MS (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seat has built in airbag. Getting into the car resulted in a hole being worn into the seat. I noticed newer Camry's have place a stronger leather material in that spot.”

Anonymous, IL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Wide and supportive power front seats. Easy to use knobs for climate control. Fairly quiet (especially with the right tires). Good compromise between handling and plushness in ride (this is the V6 SE model).”

WILLIAM P., NY (2010 Toyota Camry)

“1 Driver's seat has no lumbar support/adjustment. 2 There seems to be now way to get a smooth take-off in this vehicle. 3. Engine has rattling on cold start as described in service bulletin in 2013 but was never made aware of the bulletin. I should have been contacted and the problem rectified. Estimate is $CA 2400.”

Anonymous, ON (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Not enough leg room in front for a person with long legs”

Anonymous, IL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seats cause back discomfort on longer trips”

DEL M., IA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seats on this LE ok but not great for a long trip. Noticeable wind noise on the highway. Ride is fine. Great car”

ROBERT B., NY (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seats are not so easy to adjust when changed for another driver, but I have accepted since I am the short person. Noise level has continued an issue even since my previous Toyota. Overall I'm satisfied, no - happy, with my 2010 Camry.”

MATTHEW E., CA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seats are very uncomfortable and the road noise is very loud..”

FELTON E., TN (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The sound/radio sys could be much better. On the other side, the assistance at the agency is the bwst what I ever had”

THOMAS S., FL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“It's an older mans car... confortable, quiet, big and simple.”

PIERRE D., QC (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The A/ C isn't as good as I would like in above 90 degree heat.”

JAMES L., MO (2010 Toyota Camry)

“There is some tire road noise, but not enough to consider trading to a different vehicle.”

TERRY C., FL (2010 Toyota Camry)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

“Outstanding warranty. Replace transmission for free.”

WILLIAM E., MD (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Worth every penny because it's comfortable, has good mpg and cost is economical.”

JAMES J., NY (2010 Toyota Camry)

“For the money the Camry is true value. It is highly reliable, Maintenance costs are low and fuel efficiency is high. In town it averages 24 mpg, highway is 32 mpg.”

RICHARD L., LA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“I went to 3 other dealers with the same package requests until I got the deal I wanted and saved about $6M”

Anonymous, FL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Excellent car for the value”

Anonymous, KY (2010 Toyota Camry)

“with almost 200,000 miles so far any issues are relatively minor compared to the reliability of this vehicle.”

LORI M., NY (2010 Toyota Camry)

“It's a Camry, what else do you need to know. I own an Auto Repair Facility in Phoenix and I see literally 5000+ cars a year. I drive a Camry”

MITCH C., AZ (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Fill with gas, have it serviced at Dealer for warranty purposes. That's all.”

STAN A., ON (2010 Toyota Camry)


Anonymous, NY (2010 Toyota Camry)

“I've had nearly no mechanical or repair issues with this car with the exception of a undercarriage clamp that came loose, and the usual maintenance issues (oil change, etc.)”

DAVE A., OH (2010 Toyota Camry)

“reliability has been great. Normal maintenance work only.”

PHILIP R., MA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“It has 156K miles on it and the ONLY problem has been the windshield wipers. They both failed to stay in position and were replaced by a Toyota recall at no expense to me. I've never EVER had a more troublefree vehicle.”

RONALD E., MO (2010 Toyota Camry)

“We bought second hand off of a lease with 30000 and it still drives like a new car”

JOHN P., WV (2010 Toyota Camry)

“I have had this Camry since Summer 2009. It is VERY dependable! My family owns a total of 3 Camrys...ALL are dependable! Our old Corolla has over 300,000 miles and still going!! "Ain't nothin' like a Toyota!”

PATSY L., LA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“This car has given very good service with few repairs or problems.”

DANIEL K., PA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Same note as before except I have had it for 6 2/3 years and driven 33000 plus miles so far. I love the reliability of these cars. I have had 5 new Toyotas since 1994 and would never buy any other make because of the way Ifeel.”

GEORGE B., MD (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Best car ever at the best price.”

FRANK D., ON (2010 Toyota Camry)

“This car, with the 2.5 L engine, gets about 2/3 the EPA mileage no matter what gas is used or how it is driven. It suffered a major internal engine failure at 90,000 miles costing $2400 to repair. This is the first car in my experience to have a major internal engine failure.”

LEIGH E., TX (2010 Toyota Camry)

“It is a great little car. The 4 cylinder isn't much on power, but it will get up and go if you need it to.”

DAVID G., IL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“I purchased at a good price, and the car is worth the money.”

Anonymous, NC (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Very reliable and economical.”

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Have had five Camrys & never had ant trouble”

Anonymous, FL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“very good long term reliability”

AIRLIE S., ON (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Reliable, consistent performance. Seats five comfortably. Best car in it's class for handling height of adult males in rear seat.”

Anonymous, NB (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Reliable car that takes you where you want to go.”

LARRY W., GA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Paid $20,000 for the car with 18,000 miles and it was upgraded with a moon roof, and heated leather seats”

PATRICIA G., NJ (2010 Toyota Camry)

“For what is considered to be one of the best cars on the market, and one of the main reasons we bought it new, this car has been a complete dissapointment. The wind noise is terrible. The brakes had to be replace at 45,000 km. The brakes have been problematic for most of the past year. The water pump had to be replaced on warenty at 56,000 km. We will never purchase a Camry again as Toyota has not kept up with its reputation for quality control.”

LISA L., QC (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The styling holds up over the years and maintenance is relatively minimal.”

STAN P., IL (2010 Toyota Camry)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

“It is still a smart looking car.”

STAN P., IL (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Beautiful handling vehicle, good mileage, comfortable,”

Anonymous, CA (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Still in vogue. Others have copied its style.”

FRANK D., ON (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Very utilitarian design!”

Anonymous, ON (2010 Toyota Camry)

“The car is very attractive and the color "Sandy Beach metallic" is really pretty. We are proud to drive this car. We only wish our car had fog lights, but we had no option since we bought it used.”

Anonymous, NM (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Even though I keep this car in the garage, I am astonished at how well it's styling, looks, and paint job have held up in the hundred thousand miles is that it has run.”

TERRY M., NY (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Love how this car looks inside and out.”

LEONARD P., NV (2010 Toyota Camry)

“I like the styling of this generation of Camry better than the current generation. The current generation is somewhat plain by comparison.”

MICHAEL G., MS (2010 Toyota Camry)

“Seats are uncomfortable on a long ride”

EDWARD L., VA (2010 Toyota Camry)

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