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Toyota Prius C

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2019 Toyota Prius C Ratings & Reliability
This smaller, less expensive alternative to the regular Prius feels like a spartan subcompact with a hybrid powertrain. In the end, you pretty much get what you pay for, and it is no substitute for the real Prius. The C has a harsh ride, a noisy engine, and slow acceleration. The interior looks and feels cheap, the driving position and rear seats are cramped, and there's little cargo space. But its 37 mpg in city driving makes the Prius C one of the most frugal vehicles we've tested, and its 43 mpg overall is just 1 mpg less than the previous-generation Prius hatchback. Its tiny dimensions make it a natural for urban driving. Automatic emergency braking is standard. Note that 2019 is the final year for the Prius C.
2012 Redesign Year
Toyota Prius C 2018
The Prius C is an affordable, smaller alternative for those who want a Prius hybrid for a little less money. But its harsh ride, noisy engine and cabin, and slow acceleration make it feel more like an econobox than a sophisticated hybrid. It gets very good city fuel economy, 37 mpg, but its overall 43 mpg falls 1 mpg short of the larger 2010-2015 Prius. The interior is full of cheap-looking materials, the driving position and rear seats are cramped, and there's not much cargo space. At least the C's tiny dimensions and easy parking make it a natural for urban driving. Forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking became standard for 2017.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2018 $17,225 - $18,825 $13,775 - $16,275
2017 $15,300 - $17,775 $12,025 - $14,325
2016 $13,775 - $14,650 $10,560 - $11,360
2015 $12,500 $9,340
2014 $10,375 $7,330
2013 $8,775 $5,835
2012 $7,675 $4,810