Toyota Prius V

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2012 Redesign Year
Toyota Prius V 2017
This wagon version of the Prius offers a very roomy rear seat and a generous cargo area. It's about the size of a Mazda5 but seats just five. The extra weight and bigger profile take a small toll on fuel economy, but the V still got an excellent 41 mpg overall in our tests. Despite lower gearing, the electric motor and engine have to work fairly hard, especially when the car is loaded. It drives similarly to the standard Prius, but handling isn't exactly agile. A chair-like seating position, low sills, and big windows combine to make the Prius V feel open and airy. The standard backup camera is a welcome feature. A weight-saving plastic moonroof is optional.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2018 NA NA
2017 $19,025 - $21,350 $16,970 - $19,220
2016 $17,675 $14,850
2015 $15,225 $12,210
2014 $13,250 $10,280
2013 $10,650 $7,770
2012 $9,575 $6,745