The Sequoia is a rational but uninspired vehicle. It's roomy and quiet, the powertrain is refined and it has good brakes. The power-retracting rear window is a nice touch, too. But handling is ungainly and the ride quality is not very comfortable. Side- and curtain-airbags were made standard beginning with the 2007 model year.
There are 8 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"At 207000 miles it rides better than new"

Mark D., MA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Bought vehicle to use with travel trailer. No longer do that and if/when by different vehicle will get smaller SUV type. Gas saving and similar higher seating than sedan type vehicle that I like."

F S., IL (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Handles well and accelerates very well."

Anonymous, VA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"VSC (vehicle stability control) stopped working several years ago and seems to be a difficult matter to fix because mechanics may not be capable of fixing it. The vehicle also has a minor vibration and "roaring sound" that began around 100,000 miles and has not improved or worsened."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"This truck can move. Never had a problem with acceleration with this rocket. The handling is solid for a truck of this size, a bit boaty, but this is a big vehicle."

Clement S., NJ (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Acceleration is very sluggish. Handling could be better."

Anonymous, TX (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"V8 is lots of power Up high where you can see down the road."

James S., KS (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"A little under powered for a V-8 engine."

Joseph J., CO (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Both the handling and acceleration meet my expectations. It is not meant to handle like a sports car but is very comfortable on long trips. It also pulls a large boat very well."

Anonymous, VA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Best vehicle I've ever used for driving in snow and ice conditions--by far!"

W G., CA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"I think it handles very well. Braking is good as well as acceleration. It's very smooth! I like it much better than some of the newer cars when the computer controls your deceleration and braking, it results in very uneven and "jerky" ride."

Anonymous, KY (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"This was the first year with skid control VSC. It has saved me a couple of times on wet and icy roads. Plenty of horsepower for this big rig too, it still can get on it , no problem."

CLEMENT S., NJ (2002 Toyota Sequoia)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"It is comfortable for long drives and has limited road noise so you can converse easily as a driver or sleep comfortably as a passenger. Each time we take friends with us, they are always amazed at the comfort of the rear seats as well as the front seats."

Robert D., AZ (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Very roomy for driver and all passengers. Seats very comfortable. Ride typical of large SUV but still our vehicle of choice on road trip with 3 or mor passengers"

Steve S., TX (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"I still love this car for comfort, space and long distance travel. Seats are durable (leather), comfortable from the front seat to the 3rd row of seats, and plenty of space to spread out."

Anonymous, OH (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Very comfortable to drive."

Anonymous, VA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"This vehicle rides very close to the way it has when we bought it. It is a large heavy truck but still rides better than my old mercedes-benz did. Seats are comfortable."

Clement S., NJ (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Like a brand new car with 207000 miles on it"

Mark D., MA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"The 2002 Sequoia has 321000+ miles and is still a quiet, comfortable and solid vehicle. No rattles, squeekes or noises. Whenever I take others in the Sequoia, they comment on how comfortable it is including the 3rd row seats, how convenient it is with multiple cup holders and easy to use power window controls and spacious front and second row seats. The Sequoia has cloth seats and there is no sign of excess wear even after 15 years and 300000+ miles. Other than the original Bridgestone tires..."

Jim M., ID (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Interior space is a plus. Very comfortable ride for a large vehicle. Too many storage compartments in top. Love that two last seats are removalble. Love that top part of back seats are ajustable. Love step up rails. Audio system sound is awesome"

Anonymous, TX (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"The 2002 drivers seat is a problem, the padding degrading quickly (< 50K miles) and pulled the left control cover off. Attempts for dealer repair focused on replacing the cover, not the root cause. Mechanics were well aware this was a common issue but not allowed to fix the real cause."

JAMES S., CA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"quiet and soft"

Anonymous, TX (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"I am 6'4" tall. This SUV has more than enough leg and headroom. Very comfortable seats. Excellent air conditioner."

BOBBY C., TX (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Quiet ride, air conditioner top notch, smooth ride"

Anonymous, CA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"My previous vehicle was a mercedes and the sequoia rides as nice or better in all conditions. Doesn't feel like a truck at all."

CLEMENT S., NJ (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Disappointed to find that front passerger seat has only 4-way power adjustment versus 8 or 10-way on Toyota/Lexus Land Cruiser. The 8 or 10-way power seat adjust for front passenger seat should be standard on a vehicle that cost $52,000 (in 2002). Sequoia is quiet, stable and comfortable even after 16 years and 312,000 miles. The 2002 Sequoia is the best road vehicle I have owned since 1964. I drive it particularly on long trips (more than 100 miles) as much as I can. The only negative is t"

JIM M., ID (2002 Toyota Sequoia)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"The Sequoia is 15 years old and still drives like new."

Anonymous, VA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Expensive for us when we bought it, but still going strong 15 years later with very little maintenance cost."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"The Sequoia has had two serious repairs -- one at about 65,000 miles when the front brakes were subject to a safety update from Toyota and cost about $2250.00 to replace rotors, calipers, pads, and support mechanism. Appartently, Toyota engineers did not consider the extra weight the Sequoia when comparied to the Tundra and used Tundra brakes on the Sequoia which led to the safety update for 2001 and 2002 Sequoias. The second major repair was to replace the ABS braking system computer which co..."

Jim M., ID (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"It's size was included in a government tax write-off."

James S., KS (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Reliable, lot of room, comfortable, performs well"

M H., TX (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"This is one reliable vehicle. With regular maintenance...which isn't that has never left me stranded and all systems are still working after 17 years of day to day use. When I amortize the cost per year of this vehicle over others...well worth the cost."

Carl H., TX (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Good older car if it has been maintained. We now tow it behind our motorhome and rely on it being dependable, which it has been for the 3 years we've owned it."

GARY B., ID (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"15 years, 210K miles and counting - zero mechanical issues and looks/runs like new. What more can you ask for."

Anonymous, OR (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"I have a 28 mile dirt road mountainous drive to reach paved roads. The vehicle has held up very well to fairly rough use."

LINDA B., AZ (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"I have 160,000 miles on this car and its 14 years old. I've never had any significant mechanical issues or breakdowns. Very reliable!"

Anonymous, KY (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"Until this year when i had issues with the transmission cable needing adjustments and the catalytic converter and exhaust system needing replacement, i have had no issues with this SUV."

MICHAEL W., CT (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

"its a 2002! and still running strong as a primary vehicle!!"

Anonymous, GA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Although 14 years old, I still think the design/style is nicer than current models."

Anonymous, CA (2002 Toyota Sequoia)

Would you buy this car again?

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