The Sequoia is a rational but uninspired vehicle. It's roomy and quiet, the powertrain is refined and it has good brakes. The power-retracting rear window is a nice touch, too. But handling is ungainly and the ride quality is not very comfortable. Side- and curtain-airbags were made standard beginning with the 2007 model year.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"With the V8 engine I have all the power needed. It even holds a constant speed in cruise control whether on the level or going up hills. Handling is s dream for a big vehicle. The suspension is firm, but also smooth. Even with all 8 seats full it still has plenty of power."

PAUL K., UT (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"The V8 in this rig is awesome! It also just rides so smooth!"

SCOTT H., OR (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"The Sequoia has great acceleration, a unbelievably smooth ride and handles well. It even has an excellent turn radius for a vehicle of this size."

CAROLYN S., FL (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"After all these years my sequoia still handles well. Accelerated quickly and is easy to park."

Anonymous, VA (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"Safety, presence (large), reliability,handling, acceleration. Load inside vehicle capability"

J S., SC (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"The truck for it's size and capacity handles great. The air suspension works great with any load and keeps the truck level. It corners fine for a truck. Deals with expansion joints well."

Timothy C., NY (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"I love my Sequoia! It comfortably rides like a car and has the power to easily and safely merge into traffic on highways at highway speed, not like some under powered vehicles I've rented on vacation in the past. With it's truck platform I have no trouble taking it off road for hiking trips"

Anonymous, WA (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"Handles very well"

Richard, GA (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"On an Interstate Hwy, easiest to drive, most under control truck I've ever owned."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"Bought this car used in 2009 (our second used Sequoia) Always performs well. Easy to handle. No worries about the car braking down. We Feel at ease while driving it."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"It accelerates quickly and handles great for such a large SUV. I can park it easily."

Anonymous, VA (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"very happy with rise, handling, and acceleration."

Anonymous, MA (2007 Toyota Sequoia)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"Even the 3rd row seats are comfortable enough for adults and large teenagers. This is the main reason I own a Sequoia."

JENNIFER T., UT (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"The ride is firm yet comfortable. The seats allow adjustment for any driver. The cabin is quiet and a joy to ride in."

PAUL K., UT (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"Smooth ride"

Anonymous, GA (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"Front seats are uncomfortable. Interior is quiet with little road noise."

ROBERT K., CA (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"When I was looking at all of the models that had a 3rd seat, this had the most comfortable seats and ride. The 3rd seat in most of the vehicles were either bench or only small enough to fit a child but this vehicle had one that was thickly cushioned, spacey and reclined."

CAROLYN S., FL (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"The A/C fan is noisy."

Anonymous, VA (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"The Sequoia is very comfortable on long trips. The 3rd row seats are large, comfortable, and adjustable. They are also removable though heavy, to allow for larger loads when necessary. The car has a sun roof, and the tailgate rear window rolls down to give good airflow so that I can be comfortable without running the air conditioning. It is a great vehicle for traveling with our Golden Retrievers."

W J., IN (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"Quite comfortable and quiet."

Anonymous, PA (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"All Good"

Walter C., IL (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"Excellent ride, seats are supportive quiet."

Richard, GA (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"Seat are comfortable for long or short rides. Noise is OK with a wind noise near the back passenger side. Ride is very comfortable with a transfer case whine"

Timothy C., NY (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"Comfortable over uneven roads. Cabin is fairly quiet for a truck"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"Nice ride, low noise, comfortable leather seats easy to adjust."

Anonymous, TX (2007 Toyota Sequoia)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"you won't find a more reliable vehicle.perfect for our uses i the mountains"

Anonymous, NM (2007 Toyota Sequoia)


How it looks inside and out

What Owners Say

"Paint (white) faded to dull, stained and would not shine. Wife hated it. $1200 total paint job later, it is a high gloss white, looks great and wife loves it. But I could have used that $1200 elsewhere!"

Anonymous, FL (2007 Toyota Sequoia)

"I just love how this car looks. I purchased a 2007 because it was the last year before the redesign, which I hate."

SCOTT H., OR (2007 Toyota Sequoia)
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