Based on Toyota's Tundra pickup, the Sequoia is a big brute of a truck-based SUV, but a good one. Its main attributes are an impressively smooth, punchy powertrain; a vast, comfortable interior; and impressive towing and off-road capability. It rides better than the old Sequoia but still feels truckish, and handling is clumsy. Fuel economy is respectable for its class, but overall it isn't great.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"It has plenty of power and tows like a champ. It also handles perfectly fine."

Anonymous, OH (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Steering, acceleration very good. Again, more solid, less squishy as the Tahoe or Suburban."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Great acceleration"

Brent H., TN (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Poor acceleration, comfortable"

Anonymous, KS (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, MA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Drives and handles like a truck, but still feel in control."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"More than adequate acceleration. Handling is about what one expect for a large vehicle but, it is more than adequate."

S S., CA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"both acceleration and handling"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"All complaints"

David G., CA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Acceleration, comfort, turning raduis"

Anonymous, IL (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"It powerful yet easy to steer"

Edward D., PA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"I like climate control, do not outside noise"

KENNETH K., OH (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"The non leather seats are a real disappointment. they are not very comfortable especially the passenger seat -- too narrow and the back does not adjust well (ie too upright or too far back)"

CHUCK H., CA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Seats and ride"

Anonymous, TX (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"They need to be more plush moré comfortable"

Anonymous, CO (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Solid ride, more stiff then squishy (like a truck). Steering and response excellent."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Very comfortable, and reasonably good ride."

Anonymous, WA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"The seats are very comfortable with long trips, esp the adjustable lumbar support on the front driver and passenger seats."

Anonymous, OH (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Visibility is blocked from the driver's seat by excessively large rear view mirror surrounds and all the post/grab handles in the 2nd seat. My biggest issue is with the head rests on the 2nd and 3rd seats blocking my view to the rear and rear sides. I turn my head to back up. I DO NOT use the back up system in the car. Due to the head rests blocking my view out the rear/side windows, I have to put all the seats down before leaving my driveway."

Anonymous, OR (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"There is sufficient room in the second and third rows for adults. It is very easy to put the third row up and down. The seats are very comfortable."

Anonymous, OR (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"I pull a travel trailer with this vehicle on roads trips and it does it flawlessly, despite the rather poor fuel mileage. It is a very comfortable vehicle for road trips."

S S., CA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"To much wind noise"

Anonymous, MT (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"rough ride, high center of gravity sways when cornering. All seats comfortable."

R S., OR (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"The seats in the 2016 Sequoia are the most uncomfortable in any vehicle I have ever owned. I have ordered a new vehicle because how uncomfortable these seats are."

Anonymous, NJ (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"Seat position is too high. Seats are not very comfortable. Ride is noisy."

Anonymous, GA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"It fits 8 passengers comfortably and still has room for suitcases."

Edward D., PA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"it rides and handles very well. The interior is kind of cheap and not as nice as it should be for a vehicle that costs that much."

PETER S., NH (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

"The Sequoia is very reliable ,very comfortable, great drive"

David G., CA (2016 Toyota Sequoia)

Would you buy this car again?

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