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Toyota Venza

2009 Redesign Year
Toyota Venza 2015
Difficult to classify, the Venza straddles the station wagon and SUV worlds. Some say it's an SUV for people who've grown out of SUVs. Assets include easy cabin access, a quiet interior, and a roomy rear seat. The rear hatch and large load floor aid cargo flexibility. The refined 3.5-liter V6 engine provides plenty of power and a respectable 20 mpg overall. A four-cylinder is also available, but we'd stick with the V6. Handling is secure, but the steering is short on feedback, hurting agility. The stiff, jittery ride is un-Toyota-like, and quasi-sporty styling impairs the outward view. A rear camera helps when reversing, but its dashboard screen is very small. Large front wheelwells compromise driver foot room. Updates for 2013 included more modern infotainment, changed exterior styling, and slightly improved interior finish. The Venza was discontinued after 2015.
Average Retail Price Trade-in Price Reliability Verdict Owner Satisfaction View Local Inventory
2015 $20,050 - $28,900 $17,560 - $26,160
2014 $18,000 - $26,650 $15,575 - $23,975
2013 $15,700 - $23,750 $13,215 - $21,015
2012 $14,650 - $21,850 $12,085 - $19,035
2011 $13,200 - $17,575 $10,600 - $14,750
2010 $11,975 - $15,775 $9,355 - $12,905
2009 $10,925 - $14,375 $8,305 - $11,555