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The 2022 redesigned Volkswagen Golf is available either as a sporty GTI or high-performance R. There is no more regular Golf on offer in the U.S.
market. The new R is a GTI on steroids. It brings sharpened handling, more power and adjustable suspension settings. The R's 2.0-liter turbo produces 315 horsepower and pulls strongly whether you get the manual or the optional automated dual clutch transmission (DSG). The car is fun to drive thanks to its immediate throttle response, sharp steering and an invigorating exhaust sound. The power is delivered to the pavement through all-wheel-drive and the R displays tenacious grip. This hatchback is a a track ready machine - it even has a drift mode. The cabin is well finished, befitting a mid $40,000 car but unfortunately, VW gave up on its user-friendly controls in favor of a very distracting control layout and a confusing infotainment screen. Active safety features such as FCW, AEB, BSW, LKA, RCTW, and ACC are standard.
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