The GTI treatment transforms the practical Golf hatchback into an exhilarating, yet sensible sports car. Agile handling, gutsy acceleration and a satisfying sound come with comfort and refinement. The GTI retains most of the civilized demeanor of other Golfs, making it suitable for everyday driving, while still bringing a smile to the face of a driving enthusiast.
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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

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    Overall Owner Satisfaction

    Owner Satisfaction with:

    Driving Experience

    Includes acceleration and handling

    What Owners Say

    "The GTI has excellent handling and acceleration and drives like an expensive sports car."

    BRUCE G., CA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "The acceleration in general is great, but it suffers from a somewhat noticeable turbo lag particularly at lower speeds."

    RYAN B., MA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "There's nothing not to like about the GTI. It's fast and nimble and cute as can be, and a very substantial car; VERY well built. Interior is cute and comfy, and the hatchback very useful. However it doesn't have the electronics newer cars do, so that's the only drawback."

    BONNIE C., TX (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Acceleration, handling and just overall feel and driving experience is absolutely phenomenal. Simply a super fun car to drive."

    ALBERT B., NJ (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "While not as gutsy as my Golf R, I find the GTI one of the most fun cars available to drive. Nimble, but not too harsh, a well-fitted interior and the DSG transmission makes the whole package very responsive."

    BILL R., CA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "The ride is taut, yet compliant, and the performance is spirited. Always a joy."

    G G., NY (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "This is by far the most fun car I have ever driven. Great handling and acceleration. Very tight."

    Don S., TX (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Acceleration and handling feel great... when the car is working properly. Which is not as often as I would like."

    Colin M., LA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Ita always a blast ot get in and drive. After almost 6 years os owing i still cant wait to get in and just drive ,"

    Anonymous, NV (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Agile and spirited car to drive despite being seven years old."

    Kenneth S., NC (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "The fit and finish of the 2012 GTI is outstanding. Combining the 2.0T engine with a sporty but easy to live with transmission, produces a fun and practival hatchback. The car is practical, very fast, and very reliable."

    Marcin K., MO (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Best Auto Trans I HAVE EVER DRIVEN!! Great performance and handling!! A real quality Fit and finish outside and inside. I wish GM built such a car."

    Kent K., MI (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "very quick , s mode, great breaks , turns solid"

    Anonymous, MA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Fun car to drive as a daily driver"

    Anonymous, AZ (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "I have a 6 speed transmission and 200 HP turbo. I can keep up with traffic and fit into cramped parking places and haul just about anything I can afford and lift."

    Anonymous, VA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Excellent power and acceleration. Precise, responsive handling makes car easy to drive both on highways and curvy country roads."

    Anonymous, VA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "handles great with decent acceleration"

    Robert S., CT (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "This is a very sporty car with responsive handling and excellent acceleration. I averaged 37 mpg driving from Ann zarbor to Chicago."

    Bruce G., MI (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "The GTI is a good all around car. This hatchback gives you more than adequate acceleration and handling for what you for."

    Anonymous, NJ (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Once it's going, such as at freeway speeds, the car is very fun to drive, especially on a winding road. However, there's a pronounced hesitation from stops with the DSG transmission that can take a lot of getting used to. Overall, this vehicle is better suited to the manual drive system."

    Anonymous, CA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "The driving experience is very lively, taut, engaged, and competent."

    Glen G., NY (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "The car handles very well, gives very good road feed back and has pep. Steering is precise. Braking is excellent too. The car makes great noise (I mean it sounds good) when you accelerate."

    Anonymous, NY (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Very fun driving experience. The car is quick and agile."

    Don S., TX (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Absolute blast to drive!"

    Scott H., TX (2012 Volkswagen GTI)


    Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

    What Owners Say

    "seats are a bit narrow and adjustment for comfort is critical"

    Anonymous, ON (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "The seats can get uncomfortable during long drives."

    RYAN B., MA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "The critique of Consumers was on the mark - narrow seats that I got used to because I am not wide, a bit noisy at high speed. climate control and ride is good."

    J M., NJ (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "I find the seats and ride perfect for long trips."

    BRUCE G., CA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "plaid , large seats good fabric"

    Anonymous, MA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "The seats are very supportive for long drives."

    Bruce G., MI (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "seats hold me in when driving hard ad are still comy always"

    Anonymous, NV (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Relatively loud road, w8nd and tire noise. Very comfortable seats and driv8ng position."

    Anonymous, VA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)


    Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

    What Owners Say

    "All the features I want for a car that's mechanically the same as an Audi, handles like an Audi, but for a much lower price."

    Anonymous, CA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "Best car I have ever owned. Awesome handling, good gas mileage, great looking and has room for 5 including space in the hatchback"

    Anonymous, CA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)

    "I call it my poor man's BMW. Handling and acceleration are addictive from a car that was moderately priced."

    Don S., TX (2012 Volkswagen GTI)


    How it looks inside and out

    What Owners Say

    "Sporty design, LED headlights, red break calipers, sporty steering wheel, outstanding versatility with the hatchback, yet easy to park and maneuver in the city."

    Anonymous, CA (2012 Volkswagen GTI)
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