This generation of the Passat is defined by its solid and luxurious feel; along with a quiet and comfortable ride, capable handling and quality interior furnishings. Further, it's advanced standard safety gear was remarkable for the time. Those strengths helped the Passat remain among the top choices in this segment. But its controls and cargo space didn't score quite as well as those in some competing models.
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Overall Owner Satisfaction

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Overall Owner Satisfaction

Owner Satisfaction with:

Driving Experience

Includes acceleration and handling

What Owners Say

"Lag in response starting from a standstill. Seats are not comfortable"

Jonathan S., CA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"It accelerates on a dime and still has as much power for passing as the day I got it. It stays right on the money when using the cruise control, never falters climbing hills!"

Anonymous, WY (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Generally good pick up acceleration, great passing gear kick in."

John W., ME (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Love to drive it! Responsive with lots of get up and go. Could not part with it when I bought a new car in 2017."

Anonymous, OR (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Good control feel, a bit much understeer, front heavy"

Kevin M., ON (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"The turbo gives the diesel engine pep when a quick acceleration is needed. Even though it's 13 years old, it still has nimble handling."

Anonymous, TX (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Drives like a balanced German vehicle. Good acceleration for its sz, good tracking, responsive"

Kirsten W., NY (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"The turbo diesel engine provides great mileage, and has plenty of torque and acceleration when needed."

Paul N., MI (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Car handles well as easy to park."

Douglas M., NY (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Excellent and very secure handling particularly in conditions where snow and ice are involved."

Anonymous, IA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"for a 38 t0 41 mpg hwy car the acceleration is great but i try not to punch it to save fuel it drives good to me"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Accelerating is poor due to the design of the accelerator linkage which gives a pause before responding to pressure on the pedal."

JONATHAN S., CA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Over time the Passat acceleration quality is becoming very poor. Step on the gas and it doesn't go. I will not give this car to my twin teenagers because of the safety of that poor acceleration. At least one mechanic indicated that it's something he cannot fix."

BLAISE T., CO (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"It handles very well."

BUDDY D., MT (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"TDI Engine is much stronger and quicker than the Jetta 1.9 TDI Engine plus traction control helps on wet roads. Emergency handling is very good."

BRUCE W., NJ (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Diesel engine has plenty of torque, providing good accelaration and ability to maintain speed uphill without the automatic transmission downshifting. It's interesting to see gasoline powered cars, traveling alongside with cruise control, falling behind on uphill sections."

ALBERT M., WY (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Great mileage.... I love diesels. A shame VW has pulled them from the U.S. Use the BlueTec system to control pollution and bring them back as a Hybrid drive train. The VW has excellent and firm handling."

Leo W., WI (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Very good handling, emergency handling and ice driving with Nokian Hakapelita 8 studded tires."

Normand P., QC (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"for a diesel acceleration is very good. Handling - nothing drives like a VW"

Anonymous, WA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Handling/drive is still tight. Corners well. Nice and peppy."

Lynn G., WI (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Love the diesel power, reliability and economy"

Jaunita C., CA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)


Includes seats, climate control, noise, and ride

What Owners Say

"The seats are not comfortable, especially on long trips. Extra (third party) cushions are necessary and they do work without the negative safety effects the new Golf has."

Tr B., PA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Noisy ride because it is diesel. Seats are not very comfortable, they cut off support too high up on the upper leg."

Anonymous, OR (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"It drives, looks and feels like my old 2003 BMW 325xi did. It's a good , solid car with lots of upper end fit and finish features that are not usually seen on station wagons. The lighting package, driving comfort, ventilation, steering on this car were all comparable to my BMW. In fact in many ways, it was almost like the interiors were swapped. The heartbreak for us was the over $4k we put into the transmission replacement that still did not fix the problem. Out was money literally thrown away."

Kirsten W., NY (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Good ride control"

Kevin M., ON (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Adjustable height, leg, back angle."

John W., ME (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"They have aged badly."

BUDDY D., MT (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"The fact that the seat adjusts vertically, i.e., UP and DOWN, as I am a long waisted person and often in compact cars, my head hits the ceiling. This car's feature allows me to sit up straight without my head touching the ceiling."

Anonymous, ME (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Seat are comfortable and ride is very good very little noise comes into car and it rides and sounds quieter than my Jetta. A/C unit still works great no problems."

BRUCE W., NJ (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Seats are somewhat comfortable. Seat adjustment is poor and seats are too low and cannot be adjusted higher"

JONATHAN S., CA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"great on long trips"

Anonymous, VA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Supportive, comfortable, adjustable and large enough to accommodate people of various heights and weights. The ride is sporty enough to know you are in control of the car. Lovely care!"

KATHLEEN C., TX (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Driver seat bottom cushion too short and not supportive for long distance driving."

THOMAS M., IL (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"The seats are great, very ergonomic. Unfortunately, VW redesigned their seats in 2006, making them very uncomfortable for me, which is why I bought the 2005 model."

Anonymous, NC (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"The leather seats have stood up for 13 years of kids and dogs."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Seating has maintained their integrity. Road noise is minimal. Handles as if it was still brand new."

Lynn G., WI (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"The value, performance and reliability. This car is 11 years old and I have over 100,000 miles on it. It is just getting broken in."

Robert L., IN (2005 Volkswagen Passat)


Did you get what you wanted relative to the price you paid?

What Owners Say

"Excellent fuel economy with the diesel engine"

Anonymous, OH (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"I think the value of the car generally is very good, but the dealer overcharged me by quite a bit when I bought this one used. I would have considered it worth the list price when it was new."

Anonymous, NC (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"This car was also a rental return and has been a great driver and gets great fuel mileage."

BILL F., WA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Gas mileage exceeded what was advertised but the car has been very expensive to maintain - seems like it has just been one thing after another that needs replacing."

TOM Q., DC (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"Compliant diesel emission engine provides excellent fuel economy and low end torque for the price paid."

THOMAS M., IL (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"What I see as a design flaw was putting the control modules in the depressions in the floor under the front seats. Because of plugged drains, water got into the cabin, and both modules failed and had to be replaced. The car was totally incapacitated until replacements were installed at considerable expense."

EARLE K., WA (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"The vehicle was given to us as a gift, so price was great! The interior features and drive is comparable to my old 2003 BMW 325xi."

KIRSTEN W., NY (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"This car is a diesel and gets great mileage. We also like the low profile. It has lots of room in the back without the big, bulky look of an SUV. It has exceptional back seat comfort. We are sorry that VW does not appear to be making any more of these Passat wagons for sale in the U.S."

ANN M., OH (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"This is a diesel and gets good mileage. The motor is expected to last for years. We kept the last VW Passat wagon for 12 years. We hope to drive this one for another hundred thousand miles at least because they don't sell diesel wagons in U.S. anymore."

Ann M., OH (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"The diesel engine is very efficient. Although this car has older technology and is over 11 years old, comparable new cars can't even touch the performance."

Robert L., IN (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

"I would have bought a new car by 210,000 km, but this one has been very reliable, is only just starting to show some minimal signs of rust (I live in an area where roads are salted), still looks good, and still drives well."

Anonymous, ON (2005 Volkswagen Passat)

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