Stacking a washer and dryer saves space. But what if the stacked dryer is so high that the controls can't be reached? A step stool will help, but it’s not ideal and could be dangerous when you’re loading and unloading laundry. The Kenmore 81392 Flip Control Dryer offers an innovative solution to this problem. 

The control panel on this electric dryer can be moved from the top of the dryer to the bottom, making it much easier to access the controls when stacked. “I couldn't even see the control panel's settings, so moving it helped a lot,” says Nicole Sarrubbo, a petite staffer at Consumer Reports. “It took a couple of tries to move it and get it right. I did it in about 15 minutes, using a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the panel, then click in place.” The video above takes you into our lab, showing Nicole in action.

Convenient and a Good Dryer, Too

The Kenmore Flip Control Dryer was excellent at drying and was quiet, and claimed capacity is 7.3 cubic feet. The electric version costs $1,180, and the gas version, the Kenmore 91392, costs about $100 more. The dryer can be stacked atop only the Kenmore 41392 front-loader. Our tests found that this $800 washing machine was very good overall, making this washer-dryer pair a very good match. 

The washer was very good at cleaning, gentle on fabrics, and relatively quiet. Vibration wasn’t a problem, and water and energy efficiency were superb. Front-loaders have longer wash times because they usually use less water than HE top-loaders and agitator top-loaders. The Kenmore's wash time was 90 minutes using the normal wash heavy-soil setting. But you can shorten it. Use the normal-soil setting and you'll save time. And the Accela Wash option saved about 15 to 20 minutes when washing full loads in our past tests, and cleaning was just as impressive. As for capacity, it's claimed to be 4.5 cubic feet. 

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