Bella Housewares made a splash in 2013 with a line of products specifically intended for millennials, and its coffee makers included such series as the Bella Dots Collection, $35, and the Bella Linea Collection, $45—both priced cheaply and available in an array of bright colors. But millennials are growing up, and those who are outfitting a kitchen rather than a dorm might prefer a more sophisticated machine like the Bella Triple Brew 14405, $90. At least that's what Sensio, the manufacturer, is banking on.

What paying roughly twice the price of the earlier models gets you is more versatile brewing. In addition to the same 12-cup capacity as the Dots and Linea series, the Bella Triple Brew accepts K-Cups. The third option of the “triple” brew is merely a K-Cup adapter, which accepts loose grounds—as do many other single-serve coffee makers that aren’t billed as double coffee makers.

The Bella coffee maker the Bella Triple Brew 14405.
Bella Triple Brew 14405

As with other coffee makers that make both drip and single-serve coffee, this Bella coffee maker appears in our coffee maker Ratings for both drip and single-serve coffee makers. (The tests vary significantly, hence the separate Ratings tables.) As a drip coffee maker, the Bella Triple Brew brewed close to recommended guidelines for brew performance and duration. We found it convenient to use, and we judged the carafe fairly easy to handle.

One caveat: After the initial break-in, our testers still noticed some plastic off-tastes in hot water cycled through the new Bella coffee maker. We can’t say for sure, however, that you’d notice it in what you’re brewing, particularly if you add milk and sugar.

But as a single-serve coffeemaker, it didn’t impress us. We won’t be done with our testing until we’ve completed our taste tests, but so far the Bella Triple Brew is clearly a mixed bag. Serving temperature and size were very consistent from cup to cup, but we waited relatively long for that first serving to appear—and even longer for subsequent servings. The latter result owes to the manufacturer’s recommendation that you let the Bella coffee maker cool off for five minutes between brewing cycles.

Outfitting a Kitchen?

Of course, there are many more brands to choose from, although you’re limited to the Bella coffee maker and a few others—such as the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49988, $100, if you’re committed to models that deliver both drip and single-serve coffee. And both those models perform well at just one task.

Our advice: Look for machines that make coffee just one way, but do it well. Among our top picks are the DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio EDG455T, $130, a single-serve machine, and the KitchenAid KCM1202OB, $100, a 12-cup drip coffee maker.