Photo: Devin Avery/Unsplash, Design: Chris Griggs/Consumer Reports

On Wednesday, October 20, we hosted our virtual Annual Meeting. This year’s theme, “Fighting for Fairness Since 1936: Together We Are CR,” celebrated our collective achievements, previewed the exciting work on the horizon, and engaged in timely conversations with CR experts and partners.

For 85 years, Consumer Reports has been at the leading edge of building a fairer and more just marketplace for all with a team of committed and science-driven testers, advocates, researchers, and journalists. The critical work continues today and is made possible by our 6 million members, who value our dedication to independence, transparency, and facts. 

In case you missed the event, below are the video recordings:

  • Main session: Opening remarks from Marta Tellado, President and CEO and Jaoquin Alvarado, Board Chair, on the work CR is doing to build a fairer and more just marketplace for all.

  • Future of Cars: Learn about how automation and electrification are shaping the market.

  • Let’s Broadband Together: Learn about the fight for fair, accessible, and affordable Internet

  • CR’s new home app, Upkept: Learn about how a new digital tool helps you handle home maintenance inside and out like a pro.