It has often been said—by poets, singers, and greeting card writers alike—that what makes a house a home are the people, the memories, and the love that is shared within it. The sentiment is an accurate one, to be sure, but it doesn't speak to the practical, everyday steps you can take to make the place you live feel a little homier.

Consumer Reports can't help you make a house a home, of course, but we can help you transform your home into one that promotes health and happiness. This month we're offering guidance on how to do just that, with advice on maximizing convenience, minimizing maintenance, and improving safety throughout your home. And whether you dwell in a condo, a colonial, or anywhere else, our experts have something to offer you, from strengthening your wireless signal in every room to stocking the kitchen with health-promoting small appliances, from installing connected water leak sensors that could keep a trickle from becoming a flood to buying countertop materials that can take a beating.

Turning your abode into a space that reflects your lifestyle is one of the biggest joys of homeownership, and we're here to equip you to navigate the complex choices that will allow you to customize your house to meet your needs. It might be a landscape you can love without laboring over, lower utility bills for a healthier wallet, or energy-efficient devices for a cleaner future—whatever it is you care about most, we want to help you find it. Because while your home will always be "where the heart is," it should be where your values are, too.

Editor's note: This article also appeared in the March 2017 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.