This month Consumer Reports is bringing you expert guidance on how to treat, manage, and avoid back pain—a serious problem that affects the lives of millions of Americans. But at CR our mission is about more than just equipping you to take on those challenges that you can palpably feel and see. In an era when so many of the most common products we use—from thermostats and baby monitors to televisions and cars—are internet-connected, a new breed of threats to your security, privacy, and well-being has emerged. These threats can take the form of newsworthy hacks and breaches. But more often than not they show up in subtler ways, such as when our personal data is collected and used to possibly charge us more for things like airline tickets and shoes based on everything from our browsing habits to our occupations.

That's why we recently announced that we are embarking on an ambitious effort to empower you to make informed decisions about connected products in the digital age. As a first step we've partnered with leading cybersecurity experts to jointly and openly develop a way to evaluate security and privacy risks in products. We hope to be able to test and rate just how responsibly products such as cell phones, "smart" refrigerators, and all other sorts of connected devices engage with your personal data. As technology continues to evolve, CR is committed to working with you to deliver peace of mind and build a digital world that consumers everywhere can trust.

Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the June 2017 issue of Consumer Reprots magazine.