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CR Survey

CR Survey

A Unique, 80-Year Legacy of Surveying American Consumers

Consumer Reports fielded its first survey in 1940—a nine-question print survey of members.  Since then, this member survey has grown into a large multi-section quarterly omnibus that produces the data behind many of Consumer Reports’ product and service ratings. In the early aughts we began conducting nationally representative surveys of the U.S. adult population on topics as broad as amusement parks and computer technical support.  Today, we field numerous nationally representative surveys annually on topics important to the safety and security of today’s consumer, such as student debt, auto emissions, and data privacy. 

Top consequences of student debt
Base: Respondents who have been personally responsible for student loans within the past five years. (1,279)
Americans who regularly avoid drinking their home tap water due to safety concerns.
Base: All respondents. (4,213)

More Ways We Help Inform the Marketplace

To support our robust national survey program, in January 2020 we kicked off a monthly nationally representative omnibus survey, the American Experiences Survey (AES)—fielded using the AmeriSpeak® Panel through NORC.

The importance of fuel economy to Americans when considering what vehicle to purchase or lease.
Base: All respondents, excludes those who responded ‘Not applicable‘. (2,143)
The extent to which Americans agree or disagree that internet service is as important as electricity or water service in today’s world.
Base: All respondents. (2,506)

All nationally representative CR surveys are fielded in both English and Spanish and include oversamples for English-speaking Asians. Consumer Reports is a proud member of The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. Our team adheres to the AAPOR’s Code of Ethics and all members are active participants in the professional survey research community.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated experts who work on CR’s national survey team.
For more information please reach out to us.

Kristen Purcell
Chief Research Officer
Karen Jaffe
Associate Director, Survey Research
Debra Kalensky
Senior Research Associate
Jane Manweiler
Senior Research Associate
Tess Yanisch
Survey Research Associate


Improving product safety has always been at the core of CR’s mission. Below are examples of how our surveys help drive that effort by measuring consumer awareness of and exposure to potentially faulty or unsafe products and services.

Home Genetic Testing Toplines 

Furniture Wall Anchors Toplines 

July 2020 AES Product Safety Toplines 

January 2020 AES Video Doorbells Toplines 

January 2021 AES Credit Reports and Video Doorbells Toplines 

June 2020 AES Teletherapy Toplines 

October 2020 AES Racial Bias in Medical Tests Toplines 

March 2021 AES Generators Toplines 

Financial Fairness

A fair marketplace is one in which all consumers have access to the resources and services they need to build a financially safe, secure and stable life. Our survey work has been instrumental in identifying where things like hidden fees, student debt, and inaccurate credit reports are hurting consumers. 

December 2020 AES Food Insecurity Toplines 

January 2021 AES Credit Reports and Video Doorbells Toplines 

December 2020 AES Budgeting Toplines 


Americans today, particularly younger adults, recognize the real threat of climate change and there is growing awareness of how low-income families and communities of color are disproportionately affected by extreme weather events, exposure to air pollutants, and a lack of cost-effective sustainable choices. CR’s surveys have helped document these disparities and shifting attitudes among the American public. 

Fuel Economy: National Report

Electric Vehicles: National Report 

Electric Vehicles: National Fact Sheet

Fuel Economy and Electric Vehicles: National Toplines 

Fuel Economy and Electric Vehicles: California Report

Fuel Economy and Electric Vehicles: Minnesota Report

Fuel Economy and Electric Vehicles: Nevada Report

Fuel Economy and Electric Vehicles: Virginia Report

Fuel Economy and Electric Vehicles: States Toplines 

Electric Vehicles: Virginia Fact Sheet

New Mobility Report

Disposing of Used Cars (2019) Toplines 

January 2021 AES Emissions Pollution Toplines 

Digital Rights

Most consumers want more control over how their data is collected and shared, are concerned about the growing power of large tech companies, and worry about how unseen algorithms are shaping their choices, yet they often feel powerless to address these marketplace practices. CR surveys show the stark disconnect between consumer expectations around digital rights and the myriad ways the current marketplace fails to meet them.  

Reliance on the Internet Fact Sheet 

Privacy Front and Center Report

Platform Perceptions Report 

Platform Perceptions Toplines 

Privacy Risks and Benefits Report

Privacy Risks and Benefits Toplines

Data Privacy Habits Report 

Privacy: Control vs Ownership Report 

The Evolution of Consumer Attitudes toward Online Tracking, 1995-2019 (Report) 

Social Media and Privacy (2017) Report 

Social Media Survey (2019 follow-up) Report 

Medical Privacy Report 

Net Neutrality Report 

Privacy and Net Neutrality Report 

Government and Consumer Issues Report

Privacy Experiences and Attitudes Report 

February 2021 AES COVID, Broadband, Lawn Care, Returns Toplines 



In addition to these core areas, CR surveys track and measure other major, emerging trends and behavioral shifts in the consumer space. 

Supermarkets Toplines 

Fake Reviews (2020) Toplines 

February 2021 AES Consumer Trends, COVID, Broadband, Lawn Care, Returns Toplines