You might be swaying to the music the next time you’re pushing a cart through Target, as the retailer plans to pump music through the sound system at some stores. 
Playing music in stores is a departure for Target, as the retailer used to subscribe to the thought that music would distract customers from shopping. But that’s about to change.
The Minneapolis Business Journal reports that Target has been testing music in about 65 stores and plans to expand that system to 115 more new or remodeled stores this year.
Cue flashbacks to that summer you worked at the mall and had to listen to hour upon hours of Muzak streaming through the speakers.
A spokesperson tells the Business Journal that by the end of the year 180 stores will be not-quite-blasting playlists of music that is “upbeat, positive and has playful personality.”
The music is likely intended to provide customers another unique in-store shopping experience they can’t find at other retailers, analysts say.
“Everybody is looking for a way to make the customer experience more enjoyable because its becoming less and less about the products and more about the experience,” Minneapolis Marcus & Millichap Vice President of Investment Matt Hazelton tells the Business Journal.
While music over the speak might be new for Target, the retailer has found itself in hot water because of what has come out of its loud speakers.
Back in Nov. 2015 a Target store in California came under fire after customers hear the unmistakable sounds of professional coitus aired loud and clear over the store’s PA system. The retailer opened an investigation into the incident, but believed at the time that an outside source had hacked the system. 
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Editor's Note: This article originally appeared on Consumerist.