Best Electric Cooktops of 2019

Top 30- and 36-inch models from CR's tests

Three stainless pots are on an electric smoothtop cooktop, and food is cooking in them.

Electric radiant cooktops are the happy medium of cooktop options. They cost a lot less than induction models and, because the surface is a slab of glass, these smoothtops are sleeker and much easier to clean than electric-coil models. 

That's not all electrics have going for them. 

“Most people think that gas burners boil faster because you can see a giant flame heating your pot,” says Tara Casaregola, who oversees cooktop testing for Consumer Reports. “But the best radiant electric cooktops are actually faster than the best gas models to heat a large pot of water in our highly controlled testing.”

Electric cooktops are also plenty capable of maintaining a steady simmer. Worth noting: Induction cooktops rate higher overall, so if you’re replacing an old electric cooktop, you could also consider induction because the electrical requirements and installation are the same.

How We Test Cooktops
We test every cooktop at low and high heat. For high-heat cooking, we use a standardized pot, filled with about 4 quarts of water, on the largest cooktop burner. We jack up the burner to the highest setting and note the speed with which the water heats up.

For low-heat cooking, we use the smallest burner to melt chocolate and then simmer water and tomato sauce, gauging how well cooktops hold a steady simmer temperature without dropping too low or scorching the contents of the pan.

We test 30- and 36-inch electric cooktops from brands such as Bosch, Dacor, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, LG, Samsung, Viking, Whirlpool, and more. Start with our cooktop and wall oven buying guide if you’re deciding what kind of cooktop to buy or debating whether it makes more sense to choose a range.

CR members can read on for reviews of five of the best electric cooktops from our ratings, in 30- and 36-inch sizes. Browse our comprehensive cooktop ratings for even more details and options.