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Put your favorite fried foods back on the menu. Air fryers use super-hot air and little or no oil to cook food.

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Crispy fried food made with little or no oil is a deliciously tempting offer. Air fryers aren't really fryers, however. They're countertop convection ovens that rely on a fan to circulate hot air to cook the food.

Consumer Reports bought and tested 14 models from popular brands and brands new to our ratings. Testers evaluated how easy it is to read and use the controls. We used a sound-level meter to do multiple measurements of how loud each air fryer gets during operation, noting the noise at its peak.

And no matter how well a countertop appliance does its job, if cleanup is a hassle, we want you to know. That's why our testers judged how easy it is to clean each air fryer's basket, interior, and exterior.

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