Watching HGTV’s House Hunters, Fixer Upper, and Property Brothers can get you dreaming. Binge on a few episodes, and you quickly wind up looking for ways to improve your own home. From knocking out walls to adding space, everything seems possible—until you add up the costs. Painting a room, on the other hand, is an inexpensive, quick way to transform a space, so Consumer Reports put HGTV paint to the test.

Sherwin-Williams makes HGTV Home Showcase and HGTV Home Ovation interior paints, which are sold at Sherwin-Williams stores and Lowe’s. Colors are grouped into 16 “designer inspired” collections, including Coastal Cool and Quiet Comfort. Each HGTV paint collection includes 20 colors. “Take the guesswork out of coordinating colors throughout your home. It’s a foolproof way to create a cohesive look,” says the Sherwin-Williams website about HGTV paint.  

Two cans of HGTV paint from Consumer Reports tests.

Our Test Results

Years of testing paint has revealed that a brand's flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss paints perform similarly overall, so we've combined the scores to help make it easier for you to choose. The best finishes in our paint tests scored 83, the lowest, 43. Prices range from $17 to $105 a gallon.

HGTV Home Showcase, $40 a gallon
These self-priming paints have low levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. They were very good at hiding dark paint and stains, withstood scrubbing, and held their sheen after aggressive cleaning. They were good at resisting stains, but left a rough finish—roller and brush marks were visible.

HGTV Home Ovation, $28 a gallon
The self-priming, low-VOC Ovation paints were impressive at hiding stains and previous coats of paint and were even better than the Showcase paints at withstanding scrubbing and maintaining their sheen. But the Ovation paints left a rough finish and visible brush and roller marks and did not resist stains. The stains we applied soaked into the paint and would not come off with a cleaner.

Paint Shopping?

Look no further. Our interior paint Ratings include 25 paint lines from Behr, Valspar, Clark+Kensington, Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, and more. Our paint buying guide will get you started. Questions? Send me an email at