Finding the right tires is important, but so are the tire stores where you buy them. Price, selection, service and installation quality can vary greatly.

From big box stores to online tire retailers and big tire retail chains, view our ratings and reviews to shop at the best tire stores. 

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Despite advances in tire technology, tread life is finite and will vary by car type, tire type (such as all-season or ultra-high-performance all-season), driving aggressiveness, and even road and weather conditions. You need to replace your tires a few times or more throughout the life of a typical vehicle. As the adage goes, nothing lasts forever.

Proper maintenance and responsible driving can maximize the mileage in a set of tires. Monthly tread inspections can reveal when the tires warrant replacement, well in advance of the federally mandated treadwear indicators. And when it comes time to buy, you can use CR treadwear ratings to find tires that promise a long service life.

Before you buy new tires, check CR’s exclusive ratings of tire stores.