If you're looking to celebrate National Bacon Day in a healthier way, you might think that turkey bacon is the best way to go. But a close look at the nutritional details shows you won’t really be doing your body that much of a favor.

Both bacons are processed meats. A Harvard study linked a daily serving of processed meat, equal to one hot dog or two slices of bacon, to an increased risk of early death from heart disease and cancer.

Regular bacon is made from the fatty belly of the pig, while turkey bacon is made from a combination of the dark and light meat from the bird. Turkey bacon is lower in calories and saturated fat, but the differences are small, and it's also lower in protein and higher in sodium than regular bacon.

Of all your choices, Canadian bacon is probably the healthiest. It's made from the loin, a lean cut of pork, so it is lower in fat. And because it's cured but not smoked, it’s lower in sodium. Though tasty, Canadian bacon may not satisfy a true bacon craving, though; for many, it tastes more like ham.

Our advice: Processed meat shouldn’t be a regular part of your diet, but if you want to indulge in an occasional BLT or a few strips with your eggs on National Bacon Day, choose the type you like the best.  

Comparing Bacons

BaconTurkey BaconCanandian Bacon
Serving Size

2 slices (23 g)

3 slices (24 g)

2 slices (26 g)

Fat (g)86


Saturated Fat (g)



less than 1

Protein (g)878
Sodium (mg)387491274