Photo of three smart home devices, including a Ring video doorbell.

Amazon Prime Day is in full swing, and Amazon and plenty of other retailers are marking down smart home devices. 

Amazon has a lot of products to choose from: After all, more than 60,000 devices can take commands from Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant. But Google isn’t letting Alexa steal the show. Google’s Nest smart home products are on sale through a number of retailers. 

To get Prime Day deals, you must be a member of Amazon Prime. (And in some cases, you won’t see the sale price until that item is added to your cart on Amazon.) But we’ve seen other retailers matching Amazon’s prices—no membership required.

The point? It pays to comparison shop, and we’ve done that legwork for you.

CR’s experts have hunted through deals from Amazon and competing retailers, cross-checking them against our comprehensive ratings of smart thermostats, smart security cameras, smart locks, and more—to isolate the best sales on highly rated smart home gear on offer right now.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, check back—we’ll continue to update this article as more smart home deals are released.

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DIY Security System Deals

Abode Essentials Starter Kit

    The Abode alarm system performs exceptionally well in our tests, with a Very Good rating for ease of use. The Abode system offers on-demand professional monitoring that allows you to sign up for only a week’s worth of monitoring, which can be handy for vacations. We paid $249 for the kit that we tested, so this deal offers pretty significant savings.

    Honeywell Smart Home Security Starter Kit RCHS5230WF1008/W

      The Honeywell Smart Home Security system is a bit unusual in that its base station also functions as an indoor security camera and an Alexa smart speaker. The system performs fairly well in our tests, with an Excellent rating for the camera’s video quality. Just know that this system is self-monitored only, meaning it’s not possible to sign up for professional monitoring if you one day decide you want that functionality. We purchased the starter kit for $450 when we tested it, making this a solid deal worth your consideration.

      SimpliSafe Alarm System With Video Doorbell and Security Camera

        We’ve tested the SimpliSafe security system with a SimpliCam security camera, $99, as well as the SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro, $170. The system rates Excellent for security essentials (the components and features CR deems essential to any security system), while the camera rates Excellent for video quality. The SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro also offers superb video quality, but its response time and smart features are lackluster. We paid a total of $440 for the six-piece SimpliSafe Essentials starter kit and the SimpliSafe video doorbell, which makes this 10-piece bundle a great value.

        Ring Alarm (5-Piece Kit) and Echo Dot Bundle

          The Ring Alarm is a strong performer in our DIY home security system tests, receiving an Excellent rating for ease of setup. Amazon is bundling the system with the Amazon Echo Dot (third generation) smart speaker, $50, and offering it in three different-sized kits at significant discounts. There’s the basic five-piece kit we tested, $119, as well as eight- and 14-piece kits (see below). The five-piece kit comes with the base station, one keypad, one motion sensor, one contact sensor, and a range extender. We purchased the five-piece kit (without an Echo Dot) for $200, making these bundles terrific deals if you’re in the market.

          Ring Alarm (8-Piece Kit) and Echo Dot Bundle

            The Ring Alarm (eight-piece kit) and Echo Dot bundle is usually priced at $239. Compared with the basic five-piece kit, this eight-piece kit comes with an additional motion sensor and two additional contact sensors for doors and windows.

            Ring Alarm (14-Piece Kit) and Echo Dot Bundle

              The Ring Alarm (14-piece kit) and Echo Dot bundle is usually priced at $329. Compared with the basic five-piece kit, this 14-piece kit comes with an additional keypad, an additional motion sensor, and seven additional contact sensors.

              Home Security Camera Deals

              Ring Video Doorbell 2 With Echo Dot (3rd Gen.)

                The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is the highest-rated Ring model in our ratings. It offers great response time but receives only a Good rating for video quality. Amazon is bundling the Ring Video Doorbell 2 with an Echo Dot (third generation) smart speaker, usually $50. This bundle has a full list price of $250 and hasn’t been priced this low since last November, around Black Friday sales.

                Nest Cam Indoor NC1102ES

                  An all-around solid security camera, the Nest Cam Indoor normally sells for $200. It plays nice with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The only downside? No free video storage—just 3 hours of still snapshots. With a Nest Aware subscription, the Nest Cam gains 24/7 continuous video recordings, person detection, and monitoring zones.

                  Nest Hello Video Doorbell

                    Simply put, the Nest Hello Video Doorbell is one of the best video doorbells you can buy. It earns an Excellent rating in our test for response time and offers terrific video quality. We paid $230 for the Hello when we bought it to test.

                    Ring Video Doorbell Pro With Echo Dot (3rd Gen.)

                      The Ring Video Doorbell Pro offers less than stellar video quality, but it does earn decent scores in our tests for response time and Smart IQ. This doorbell usually retails for $250. For Prime Day, Amazon has bundled it with an Amazon Echo Dot (third generation) smart speaker, $50, and is selling the bundle at $169. The Ring Pro might not be the very best video doorbell, but this package, and its low price, make it worth consideration if you’re planning to purchase both devices.

                      Ring Video Doorbell With Echo Dot (3rd Gen.)

                        The Ring Video Doorbell is a solid option for cost-conscious shoppers looking to keep watch over their front door. Its video quality isn’t the best, but in our test for response time, the Ring performed well. If the doorbell itself was discounted to $70, it would be a great deal, but Amazon is also throwing in an Amazon Echo Dot (third generation) smart speaker, usually $50. That means you get both products for more than 50 percent off their full price of $150.

                        Smart Door Lock Deals

                        August Smart Lock Pro AUG-SL-CON

                          The August Smart Lock Pro is packed with features, including electronic keys, remote control, remote alerts, and voice control (compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant). It comes with the August Connect WiFi adapter, $79, to connect the lock to the internet. The bundle usually sells for $280.

                          Nest x Yale Lock RB-YRD540-WV

                            The Nest x Yale Smart Lock performs well in almost all our tests, with one notable exception: It earns only a Fair rating for kick-ins out of the box. (We recommended reinforcing it with a box strike plate, which can be purchased online for about $5.) The Nest smart lock comes with plenty of features, including electronic keys, a tamper alarm, voice control via Google Assistant, and more. It normally retails for $280.

                            Smart Thermostat Deals

                            Nest Learning Thermostat

                              One of the best smart thermostats on the market, the Nest Learning Thermostat receives an Excellent rating in our test for automation and offers a wealth of smart features. (Worth noting: Its manual controls could be better.) This thermostat typically sells for $250. Lowe’s is currently offering a free Google Home Mini (normally $50) when you purchase a Nest Learning Thermostat.

                              Nest Thermostat E

                                Like its more expensive sibling, the Nest E is highly automated, learning your routine and building a schedule through its sensors and geofencing. The only downside is that the Nest E doesn’t support as many HVAC-system wiring configurations as the Learning Thermostat. Make sure the Nest E works with your HVAC system before you buy it. The Nest E normally sells for $169, but through next week, Lowe’s and Walmart are throwing in a free Google Home Mini (normally $50) when you purchase the thermostat.