Best Dishwashers for $600 to $900

Midpriced models from Bosch, Ikea, and Kenmore clean up in Consumer Reports' tests

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Bosch 800 Series SHPM78W55N dishwasher Photo: Consumer Reports

You’ll see a number of models in our dishwasher ratings, ranging in price from about $300 to more than $2,000. But like other appliances, availability has decreased significantly over the past year. Experts originally predicted the supply chain would rebound by the end of 2021, but economists now say that disruptions are likely to persist into the new year.

“Given the uncertainty of the consumer goods market due to persistent supply-chain issues, labor and parts shortages, we recommend being more flexible with nonessential features,” says Nish Suvarnakar, a senior market analyst covering dishwashers for Consumer Reports.

And you’ll find a number of suitable options under $1,000—and specifically in the $600 to $900 price range, which we consider the sweet spot.

“You can find very good models that are quiet and do a great job cleaning,” Suvarnakar says. He suggests contacting retailers about availability and delivery times, and if your major appliance is on the older side, plan for its replacement.

Some of the models that were previously in the $500 or less range now carry higher prices, finding a home among midpriced dishwashers due to demand.

What these midpriced models typically have in common is sleeker styling and convenient features that make them easier to load, such as those listed here.


Adjustable racks: These move up and down and have adjustable tines to accommodate large and odd-sized items. Plus, you can move silverware baskets as needed. Most baskets have individual slots for silverware to prevent utensils from nesting, allowing the water to circulate.

Flexible flatware slots: They fit more place settings than the 10 that budget dishwashers typically hold.

Soil sensor: This can improve cleaning and water efficiency by adjusting the cycle time and amount of wash water to the load’s soil level. Note that even most models that cost $500 or less now have a soil sensor. (Learn more about loading a dishwasher.)

Stainless steel tub: It tends to resist stains better than plastic.

More finishes: You can find dishwashers with a stainless steel finish even for $500 or less, but if your budget is more than $500, you’ll have more options, including matte black and black stainless.

Lab-Tested for Your Home

We spend 28 hours evaluating each dishwasher in our lab. Our testers load each machine with 10 place settings of white ceramic dishes with baked-on food and run the normal cycle or its equivalent. Afterward, they use a photo-imaging machine to determine precisely how clean each dish is. We also test a dishwasher’s drying capabilities, judge noise levels, record cycle time, and calculate water and energy use.

Read on for ratings and reviews of five dishwashers from our tests in the $600 to $900 price range, all of which earn a rating of Excellent or Very Good in our washing and drying tests. (Of course, prices can fluctuate over time.)

Consult our dishwasher buying guide as you shop, and for even more choices, see our full dishwasher ratings and recommendations.

5 Great Midpriced Dishwashers

Dishwasher Testing at CR

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