Best Electric Wall Ovens of 2022

Top single and double models from CR’s tests

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A wall oven partnered with a cooktop offers a number of advantages over a traditional range, which combines the cooktop and oven in one appliance.

For starters, you can install the oven on just about any wall and at your preferred height, so you don’t have to bend or squat to remove a heavy roast. This approach also offers more flexibility when you’re remodeling an entire kitchen, because you can install the appliances in separate areas, creating dedicated workspace for each.

Consumer Reports tests dozens of cooktops and wall ovens each year. If you're looking for more information about them, start with our buying guide. CR members can also jump right into our wall oven and cooktop ratings. Or read on for more on the advantages of wall ovens, and six of the best electric wall ovens from our tests.

More on Cooktops and Wall Ovens

“Buying a separate cooktop and wall oven allows you to get great performance from each appliance without trying to find a single range that excels at everything,” says Tara Casaregola, who oversees the testing of ranges, cooktops, and wall ovens for Consumer Reports.

You probably wouldn’t retrofit your kitchen for this reason alone, but if you’re undergoing a renovation or already have separate appliances, you can mix and match from the models in our ratings to get everything you want in both an oven and a cooktop.

We test single and double wall ovens for their ability to bake, broil, and self-clean. We also use our own measurement of usable interior space, often finding that ovens are far smaller than their manufacturers claim.

Here are six of the very best electric wall ovens from our tests.

3 Best Single Electric Wall Ovens

3 Best Double Electric Wall Ovens

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