An illustration of a exercise bike in front of a tablet.
Illustration: Joe Darrow
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Peloton is our top-rated exercise bike, but it costs $1,895 plus $39 a month for unlimited classes. Want the perks of a connected system at a smaller price?

You can assemble something like the Peloton experience for less by pairing a conventional exercise bike with a reading shelf, a tablet or phone, and a workout app.

Just know that without a true integrated system, you won’t get detailed performance tracking or be able to compete with others on the leaderboard. Here’s how two DIY Peloton options stack up against the real thing. You can also see our full exercise bike ratings for more options.

➔ Real Peloton
Peloton Bike


  • Bike Price   $1,895
  • Membership   $39
  • Monthly All-Access
  • COST   $2,363
  • Your first year
➔ DIY Peloton
Sole SB900


  • Bike Price   $1,000
  • Device    $400
  • iPad mini
  • Membership   $12.99
  • Monthly Peloton digital
  • COST   $1,556
  • Your first year
➔ DIY Budget Peloton
Finer Form Indoor
Exercise Bike


  • Bike Price   $500
  • Device   $0
  • Your existing smartphone or tablet
  • Membership   $12.99
  • Monthly Peloton digital
  • COST   $656
  • Your first year

Editor’s Note: This article also appeared in the September 2021 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.