UPDATE: (Aug. 4, 2016) Intel-owned Basis has recalled all Basic Peak watches, urging owners to return the wearable device due to safety concerns. After receiving reports about the watch overheating, the company had advised customers to stop wearing it. But after trying for weeks to correct the problem with a software update, Basis has decided to offer full refunds instead.

The company also announced that it will be shutting down its Basis Peak services on December 31, 2016. Once that happens, the watch will be rendered nonfunctional, which means you will no longer have access to the data on it. You can visit Basis’ support site for more information on how to return your device.

If you're wearing a Basis Peak watch, you might want to take it off. After receiving reports about the wearable device overheating, the company has halted sales and advised customers to refrain from wearing it.

According to Basis, a "small number" of people have said their watches overheated, "and in some cases caused discomfort, blistering, or burns on their wrist under the watch body."

The company says it has also received reports of charging cradles overheating, though it can't yet confirm whether those cradles were manufactured by Basis or a third-party.

The company is working on a software update that will shut the Peak down if it starts to overheat. No word yet on when that update will be ready.

“We want you to be delighted with our products, and we are disappointed whenever we fall short of that goal," the company says on its website. "We apologize to all Basis Peak watch users.”

Consumer Reports recommends the Peak, but we will add an alert to the ratings chart about the overheating issue.

If you own a Basis Peak, which also acts as a fitness tracker, and you'd like to return it, you can fill out a request form on Basis’ support page, ship the device back, and receive a refund. For more info, call Basis Support at 844-622-7472.