Best Gas Grills for $400 to $700

Nice features, great performance, and a decent price can be found in this sweet spot for grills

A stainless steel gas grill.

If you're willing to shell out $400 to $700 on a grill, you'll have a bevy of choices from big name brands like Weber, Member's Mark, and Char-Broil, with the sorts of features that make outdoor cooking a pleasure. 

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"This price range is where you really see your options start to open up," says Mark Allwood, a CR market analyst who oversees gas grills. "You can get a top-of-the-line small or midsized grill, or a solidly built large model. Just don't expect lots of bells and whistles if you go big—you'd have to spend close to $1,000 for most top-tier large grills with the same features."

Consumer Reports recently updated its gas grill ratings and changed how it calculates Overall Score. The score for grills now includes ratings for owner satisfaction and predicted reliability, as well as sturdiness, so you can use our gas grill ratings to find a new model that not only cooks well but that also should perform as promised for many years to come.

If you’re debating what type or size of grill will meet your needs, start with our gas grill buying guide, then browse our comprehensive grill ratings. Below you’ll see what kind of construction and features you can expect from a grill that's $400-$700.

Consider Convenience

As prices increase, grills should become easier to use. You want a cart with four casters, which are heavy wheels that use ball bearings, or at the very least, two casters and two wheels, either of which makes the grill easier to move.

Look for a side burner for boiling corn or cooking pasta. Having one right there reduces trips to the kitchen.

You’ll also see some pullout grease trays in this price range. They make it easier to clean up meat drippings from the bottom of the firebox. A fuel gauge will help remind you when it’s time to refill your propane tank.

You can expect most grills in this category to have an electronic igniter, which makes lighting easier by allowing you to skip the step of igniting each burner with a match or lighter. 

Look at Construction

Expect a sturdier grill—perhaps one with welded joints—than you'd find in a lower price range. A quick look will tell you whether the seams are welded or bolted together.

Typically, the more stainless steel a grill has, the more the grill costs. The stainless might be incorporated only on the lid—the part you notice first. Heavy stainless or cast-iron grates should be the norm, so pick them up and make sure they have a nice heft.

Check the burners with the same thing in mind: They should be heavier than the ones on cheaper grills.

And look for a grill with a 10-year warranty, which you'll start to see at this range. A long warranty is always a good sign that a grill is built to last

Given that a grill in this price range should last longer, pay particular attention to fit and finish. Look out for sharp corners or exposed edges that could cause accidental cuts. Grip the handle to see how close your knuckles come to the lid.  

Check for Sturdiness (We Do)

A flimsy grill will flex or bend when you move it across your patio, or drag it from your deck into the garage for winter storage. And since grills in this price range can use a combination of bolts and welding, solid construction isn't a given, especially on larger models. Lift the lid halfway and force it side to side to see how much the frame twists. Ensure that wheels are on tight. CR members can also check the sturdiness score in our comprehensive gas grill ratings

Standout Grills for $400 to $700

CR members can read on for ratings and reviews of five grills that cost between $400 and $700 and score Very Good or Excellent overall ratings in our tests. They're listed here in order of CR rank.

To give you a sense of capacity for each model, we include the size and the number of burgers (4-inch-diameter patties) you’ll be able to fit. For even more choices, check out our gas grill ratings.

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