You’ll find all sizes of gas grills here except portables, including a much wider selection of large grills. Be aware that a big and bulky grill doesn’t necessarily have a large cooking surface, which is why we group grills by how many 4-ounce burgers they can hold.


Expect a sturdier grill, perhaps one with welded joints. A quick look will tell you if they’re welded or bolted together.

The more stainless steel a grill has, the more the grill costs, usually. The stainless might be only on the lid—the part you notice first.

Heavy stainless or cast-iron grates should be the norm, so pick them up and make sure they have a nice heft.

Check the burners with the same thing in mind: They should be heavier than the ones on cheaper grills.

Keep an eye out for a grill with a 10-year warranty—you’ll start to see them at this range.

Convenience Features

As prices increase, grills should become easier to use. You want a cart with four casters, or at the very least, two casters and two wheels, making the grill easier to move.

Look for a side burner for boiling corn or cooking pasta. Having it right there reduces runs to the kitchen.

You’ll see some pullout grease trays in this price range. They make it easier to clean up meat drippings from the bottom of the firebox.

A fuel gauge will help remind you when it’s time to refill your propane tank.

You can expect most grills in this category to have an electronic igniter, which makes lighting easier.

Before You Buy

Given that a grill in this price range should last longer, pay particular attention to fit and finish. Avoid sharp corners or exposed edges, which can cause accidental cuts. Grip the handle to see how close your knuckles come to the lid.  

Impressive Grills at This Price

Dozens of the more than 130 gas grills in our ratings cost between $400 and $700. Here are seven high-scoring grills, from least to most expensive by size.

Small (room for up to 18 burgers)
Weber Genesis II E-210, $500 
Napoleon Terrace SE325PK, $600 

Midsized (room for 18 to 28 burgers)
Dyna-Glo Premium DGA550SSP-D, $450 
Char-Broil Signature 463245017, $500
3 Embers GAS7480AS, $500
Weber Genesis II E-310, $700

Large (room for 28 burgers or more)
Grill Zone BG2615B, $400 

Fired up? Start with our buying guide, then check our full gas grill ratings to see all your options in this price range. Use the filter to narrow your selection by price, brand, and size, and the brand-reliability info to help you choose.

Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the June 2017 issue of Consumer Reprots magazine.