If you’re like most backyard chefs, you probably don’t wait longer than 10 minutes after firing up the grill to start cooking on it. Problem is, most gas grills aren’t ready that quickly—at least not if you want to sear a steak at 500° F. “Like the range in your kitchen, a gas grill should be preheated,” says Cindy Fisher, Consumer Reports’ test engineer for grills. “Some grills do that within 10 minutes, and others may take as long as 20 minutes.”

We used data from our preheat test to map the heat distribution at the 10-minute mark for the most widely sold grills we’ve tested. As you can see below, some heat up faster than others. The grills appear in size order below, from largest to smallest. (Check out the 5 hottest grills in our tests, below.)

If your grill doesn’t look so hot, don’t sweat it—just grab another beer and wait. Or check out CR’s complete grill ratings

Grill Temps at 10 Minutes

Methodology: Temperature patterns created using CR’s preheat test data (collected from thermocouples distributed evenly across grill grates, recorded 10 minutes after turning burners on high).

The 5 Hottest Grills of the Bunch

• Napoleon LEX730RSBIPSS, $1,800
• Dyna-Glo Premium DGA550SSP-D, $450
• Monument Grills 27592, $340
• Napoleon LEX485RSIB, $1,000
Huntington Cast 3400 30040, $210