Some online user reviews lament a grill's short life with comments like "Great while it lasts!" So for the first time, Consumer Reports surveyed nearly 16,000 subscribers to learn what they had to say about the reliability of the gas grill brands they bought.

None of the nine gas grill brands stood out as the most or least reliable, but Coleman, Weber, and Broil King are less repair-prone than Char-Griller, Kenmore, and Member’s Mark (sold at Sam’s Club). Our survey estimates that by the time the Kenmore grills are three years old, 19 percent will need repair or have serious problems, while 23 percent of three-year-old Member’s Mark grills do. Given these repair rates, Consumer Reports cannot recommend these two grill brands at this time.

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How We Test Grills

Consumer Report’s grill lab is buzzing these days as our engineers test dozens of newly purchased grills. Here’s what our gas grill ratings telll you. 

  • Evenness performance combines the evenness scores when preheating, cooking on low, and cooking on high. A grill scoring excellent in evenness indicates that the cooking temperatures are the same, no matter where you put the food on the grill—so you won’t have to move the food around for it to cook evenly.
  • Preheat performance is a measure of how hot the grill is after 10 minutes of preheating and how that temperature compares to its maximum temperature. You can start cooking on any of the grills in our tests after a 10-minute preheat, but the lower the preheat performance score, the longer food takes to cook and it may not have the searing marks you like. When a grill scores excellent on this test, you can toss burgers on the grill and they’ll start sizzling. Otherwise, preheat longer.
  • Temperature range indicates how big a difference there is between the minimum and maximum temperatures. The greater the difference, the better the grill is at cooking a variety of foods at various temperatures. We also look at how low the heat can go. An excellent score means the grill provides a wide range of temperatures as well as being able to achieve low temperatures for cooking delicate fish.

We also test and score how well grills do in indirect cooking, a way to slow cook meats using one or two burners, and for convenience. 

Napoleon Prestige Pro 665RSIB gas grill for story on reliable gas grill brands.
Napoleon Prestige Pro 665RSIB

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