Best Gas Ranges of 2022

    These single- and double-oven models handily aced our rigorous lab tests—hatching reliable batches of evenly baked cookies and melting chocolate with ease.

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    A Consumer Reports technician testing an oven range. Photo: Brian Finke

    About a third of households in the U.S. cook with a gas range. Its appeal lies in its immediate response, complete with satisfying visual feedback, to a cook’s every wish—the flame growing and shrinking with the simple turn of a knob. Gas ranges also work well with almost any cookware, including traditional round-bottomed woks that wobble on a smoothtop or induction range.

    While the impact of gas stoves on the environment and respiratory health has stirred controversy, one thing is clear: Ventilation is crucial when cooking with a gas stove. Whether you’re stir-frying or baking, turn on your hood, and if your hood doesn’t expel your cooking exhaust to the outside, crack open a window.

    You may think most gas ranges do a decent job of heating and baking. But in Consumer Reports’ tests, some models struggle just to hold a steady simmer or brown a sheet of cookies. In fact, there’s a staggering 52-point difference in the Overall Score between the best and worst gas ranges in our tests.

    More on Ranges

    Each year, CR’s expert testers bake hundreds of cakes and cookies, and take thousands of precise temperature measurements, to see how well every range that passes through our lab heats, bakes, and broils.

    “For gas ranges, we see some of the biggest differences in baking and broiling results,” says Tara Casaregola, CR’s test engineer in charge of ranges.

    But we don’t stop at performance tests. We also survey members on whether their gas ranges have experienced a break or a problem, so we can calculate the predicted reliability for different range brands. We’ve even built a tool to help you determine whether it makes sense to repair or replace your gas range.

    Below, we highlight three high-performing single-oven gas ranges and three top-scoring double-oven gas ranges. For more on ranges of all types, see our range buying guide. Members can also explore our gas range ratings to compare models, as well as filter for price, brands, the number of cooktop burners, and more.

    Best Single-Oven Gas Ranges

    If you don’t typically need to bake or broil more than one dish at a time, consider opting for a single-oven range to save some money. Bonus: You won’t have to stoop over as much as with a double-oven model to access your roast.

    Best Double-Oven Gas Ranges

    These models make baking up two recipes at once a cinch. Be prepared, though, to bend a bit lower than you normally would to access what’s cooking in the lower portion.

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