We're seeing more smart home automation hubs, such as the Iris Smart Home Management System and the AT&T Digital Life system, that create a totally connected home. You control everything with your smartphone, including heating and cooling equipment and lighting and security.

But if you're not ready to go all in for that all-in-one digital experience, start small with one of the many single-purpose smart products that run off your home's existing Wi-Fi. Some are a little short on practicality—a Wi-Fi-enabled slow cooker, for example.  But others have the potential to truly make life easier—and maybe even save your home and your loved ones from disaster or tragedy.

The video above features four smart home devices we saw at the 2016 Design & Construction Week in Las Vegas. You’ll see a smoke alarm that promises maximum protection, sensors that deliver early leak detection, a front-door peephole that lets you see who’s there from your smartphone, and one of the industry’s first smartphone-controlled room air conditioners.

These smart home products cost a bit more than their nonconnected counterparts. But they’re worth a look if you want to dip a toe in smart home technology.