2023 Genesis Electrified G80 Proves Quick, Quiet, and Luxurious

The luxury EV sedan retains almost everything that's great about the gas-powered G80

2023 Genesis Electrified G80 front driving Photo: John Powers/Consumer Reports

The 2023 Genesis Electrified G80 is based on an existing gasoline-powered car, unlike a vast majority of the new electric vehicles hitting the market—including Genesis’ own GV60—that ride on new-from-the-ground-up dedicated EV platforms.

That type of reverse-engineering typically brings big compromises, but after spending time with an Electrified G80 (yes, the official name is ridiculous) that we rented from Genesis, we think this is one of the nicest-driving and easiest-to-live-with luxury EVs so far. 

In short, the G80 EV possesses everything that’s great about the gas-powered G80: It has a comfortable ride, competent handling, and a luxurious, well-made interior. But it adds the immediate and thrilling forward thrust that comes with an EV that puts 365 horsepower to all four wheels, while eliminating powertrain noise and tailpipe emissions.

The best thing about the Genesis Electrified G80 may be that it looks and drives nearly like a “regular” car. The only real downsides are slightly reduced front and rear headroom, and a smaller trunk.


The 2023 Genesis Electrified G80 will have an EPA-rated driving range of 282 miles, according to the automaker. While that’s reasonably far, it’s far short of a Tesla Model S, which has an EPA-rated driving range of 348 to 405 miles, depending on the model.

There will only be one configuration of the G80 EV, with features and content essentially identical to the highest-tier 3.5T Prestige gas version, although the EV gets some unique interior touches and colors. 

Genesis says the first G80 EVs should start arriving at dealers by the end of summer or early fall. 

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What we rented: 2023 Genesis Electrified G80
Powertrain: 365-hp, dual electric motors; single-speed direct-drive; all-wheel drive
MSRP: $80,000 (estimated)

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