Lucid Dethrones Tesla as Electric Vehicle Range King

The new Lucid Air Dream R tops EPA ratings with a 520-mile range, but the car is already sold out

Lucid Air Photo: Lucid Motors

When it comes to electric vehicles with really long ranges, there’s a new champion. The EPA just rated a version of the all-new Air sedan from startup automaker Lucid, and says it can drive for up to 520 miles on a single charge. In total, six Lucid vehicles beat the previous record-holder, the Tesla Model S Long Range, which has a range of 405 miles.

There’s only one catch: You can’t buy it. The startup carmaker told CR it will begin production at its new Arizona factory this fall and plans to deliver its first cars by the end of the year. But the specific model the EPA tested—the $169,000 Lucid Air Dream R—is already fully reserved with a waitlist. “As this was always intended to be a limited launch edition, we don’t plan to reopen reservations for that model,” Lucid spokesperson Dave Buchko told CR. In other words, you’re probably out of luck unless you’ve already reserved one.

Lucid Air

Photo: Lucid Motors Photo: Lucid Motors

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You can, however, put down a $1,000 refundable deposit on the $139,000 Lucid Air Grand Touring with 19-inch wheels, which the EPA says has a 516-mile range. We think that’s astounding, and it’s more miles than most gas-powered cars can get out of a full tank. In addition to the other configurations of Air that are listed below, Lucid says the $77,000 Air Pure, which hasn’t yet been EPA-rated, should get around 406 miles per charge. Buchko tells CR that Lucid already has taken 11,000 deposits, and that those who make reservations today should expect to get their car some time next year.

Lucid might be at the top of the range heap, but plenty of other EVs have debuted with impressive ranges. Until Tesla broke the 200-mile barrier with its Roadster in 2008, electric cars tended to have double-digit ranges that were only good for short trips. But as battery technology advances, the distances EVs can travel between plugging in grows longer each year. Now, the vast majority of EVs have ranges above 200 miles—more than five times longer than the vast majority of Americans drive each day, according to the federal government’s National Household Travel Survey. And CR has found that the owner of an EV with 250 miles of range can do 92 percent of their charging on a home charger.

Although long ranges aren’t necessary for most commutes, range anxiety is a real concern. The results of a nationally representative survey conducted by CR show that half of drivers want an EV that could travel more than 300 miles between charges, and that many drivers who are wary of EVs say inadequate charging infrastructure is holding them back. Public EV chargers aren’t nearly as common as gas stations, and it can take hours to fully recharge a battery—so a long range is key for buyers who want to ditch their gas-powered car and go all-in on an EV.

The list below includes every EPA-rated electric car with a range over 250 miles. They all have enough road-tripping range for a round trip from Chicago to Milwaukee (92 miles each way), Philadelphia to New York City (94 miles each way), or San Diego to Los Angeles (120 miles each way). They can also handle a one-way trip from Nashville to Memphis (212 miles), New York to Boston (216 miles), or Dallas to Houston (240 miles).

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