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Are Ikea Appliances a Good Deal?

CR takes a look at the furniture giant's dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, and more

Visit an Ikea on any given weekend, and you’ll see people lingering in the kitchen department, dreaming of transforming their own kitchen into a sleek and stylish space—without spending a fortune. Ikea sells everything you might need to make that dream come true, including major appliances.

Many of Ikea's appliances boast stainless finishes, clean lines, and sleek handles. Their prices are also attractive, though not always the lowest we've seen. 

"Ikea's appliances are made by Whirlpool, and they're sold only at Ikea," says Mark Allwood, the analyst who covers the appliance market for Consumer Reports. "Ikea's prices are competitive, but what sets them apart is the five-year warranty. Most major appliance brands carry a one- to two-year warranty." Ikea's reassuring warranty applies to all appliances except the Lagan and Tillreda lines.

Are Ikea appliances as good a deal as they seem? Consumer Reports’ experts tested a variety of Ikea appliances to find out how they perform.

How We Test Kitchen Appliances 
In our range and cooktop lab, we time how long the highest-power burner takes to bring a pot of water to a near boil, then how well it provides low heat, for, say, simmering tomato sauce. We also measure oven capacity and test baking and broiling functions, where applicable.

Every refrigerator we buy and test gets placed in a temperature-controlled chamber, to evaluate thermostat control and temperature uniformity—we gather more than 5.4 million temperature readings from each model.

For microwaves, we measure how evenly each model reheats a dish of cold mashed potatoes, how well it defrosts a pound of frozen ground beef, how long it takes to bring a liter of water to a boil, and more. Engineers in our dishwasher lab load each dishwasher with 10 place settings of white ceramic dishes with baked-on food and run it using the normal cycle. When the cycle is complete, they use a photo-imaging machine to determine precisely how clean each dish is.

A Smorgasbord of Ikea Appliances
Here’s a detailed look at 12 Ikea appliances, including ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators, as well as a cooktop and an over-the-range microwave. Some fared well in terms of performance—others, not so much.

See our full appliance ratings for a look at how Ikea appliances stack up against models from other brands.

Ikea Betrodd 602.885.60 [IES900DS]

Ikea Betrodd 602.885.60 [IES900DS]

Price: $1,000
Overall score: 58
Ranking: 14 of 14 electric smoothtop double-oven ranges
CR's take: It’s among the least expensive in our ratings of double-oven models, and has a large capacity when counting the usable space of both ovens. Simmering is very good, unless you use the high-power burner set to low. If you love to bake, know that this range turned out unevenly browned cookies when baked on two racks simultaneously, and the same for cakes. For more choices, see our range ratings.   

    Ikea Framtid 602.887.01 [ICS655DS]

    Ikea Framtid 602.887.01 [ICS655DS]

    Price: $700 
    Overall score: 80 
    Ranking: 4 of 7 gas cooktops (30 inches wide)
    CR's take: The wider 36-inch gas cooktops are more popular, so you'll see more of them in our ratings. But like the wider cooktops, this Ikea has five burners, including one high-power burner, and scores high enough to make our recommended list. Simmering is superb, but like most high-power gas burners, this one isn't super fast at delivering heat. Our cooktop ratings include gas, electric smoothtops, and induction models.


      Ikea Betrodd 002.885.58 [IGS505DS

      Ikea Betrodd 002.885.58 [IGS505DS

      Price: $800
      Overall score: 60 
      Ranking: 25 of 50 gas and dual-fuel single-oven ranges
      CR take: It outperforms models that cost up to $2,400 more. Plus, this Ikea range has a convection option, which uses a fan to circulate the oven's hot air. Master it, and food comes out nicely browned and crisp. This range was unable to simmer tomato sauce using a high-power burner set to low, and the broiler barely browned our tray of burgers. Here's how to get the most from your broiler, and see our range ratings for more options.  

        Ikea LAGAN IMH160FW [70336457]

        Ikea LAGAN IMH160FW [70336457]

        Price: $150
        Overall score: 52
        Ranking: 70 of 84 over-the-range microwaves
        CR's take: Among the least expensive of the dozens of over-the-range microwave ovens we tested, this Ikea model's very good at defrosting a pound of frozen ground beef—handy if you're in a hurry. But heating evenness isn't impressive, and it's among the worst at venting and relatively noisy to boot. See our microwave oven ratings to compare models.

          Ikea Renlig IUD8555DX [20288920]

          Ikea Renlig IUD8555DX [20288920]

          Price: $850
          Overall score: 80
          Ranking: 33 of 181 dishwashers
          CR's take: It's superb at cleaning, in part because the soil sensor improves cleaning and efficiency by adjusting the cycle’s time and water use to the load’s soil level. This dishwasher does a very good job drying plastics, is relatively quiet, and the stainless interior will resist stains better than plastic. But wash time is almost 2½ hours. Use the filter to narrow your selection in our dishwasher ratings by brand, price, and more.

            Ikea Renlig IUD7555DS [90292264]

            Ikea Renlig IUD7555DS [90292264]

            Price: $600
            Overall score: 68
            Ranking: 110 of 181 dishwashers
            CR's take: Cleaning is very good, and this Ikea dishwasher is relatively quiet. A stainless interior, soil sensor, and a number of useful features help make this $600 dishwasher appealing. That said, the wash time is 2 hours and 40 minutes, and drying is mediocre. Drops of water remained on plastic items in our tests.

              Ikea Renlig IUD7555DS [288921]

              Ikea Renlig IUD7555DS [288921]

              Price: $400 
              Overall score: 66
              Ranking: 127 of 181 dishwashers
              CR's take: The Renlig is the fastest Ikea dishwasher in this group, clocking a wash time of 115 minutes. At $400, it's a good deal, given that it has a soil sensor and delay-start option. Cleaning and drying are superb. But it’s relatively noisy, and the interior is plastic, which doesn't resist stains as well as stainless steel.

                Ikea Lagan IDF320PAFW [90339332]

                Ikea Lagan IDF320PAFW [90339332]

                Price: $280 
                Overall score: 51 
                Ranking: 179 of 181 dishwashers
                CR's take: Among the least expensive of all dishwasher models we tested, this dishwasher does a very good job cleaning. It's a basic machine, and doesn't have a soil sensor. The interior is plastic. Wash time is 2 hours, 40 minutes, drying is mediocre, and this machine is noisy.

                  Ikea Nutid IX7DDEXDS [10292258]

                  Ikea Nutid IX7DDEXDS [10292258]

                  Price: $1,900
                  Overall score: 77
                  Ranking: 43 of 176 French-door refrigerators
                  CR's take: Offering excellent temperature control and impressive temperature uniformity and energy efficiency, this 36-inch-wide French-door refrigerator is relatively quiet. It has a water-and-ice dispenser on the front door. Total usable capacity is 16.4 cubic feet, which is about average. At $1,900, it's hundreds less than some French-door fridges in our refrigerator ratings.

                    Ikea Nutid IX7HHEXDS [40288759]

                    Ikea Nutid IX7HHEXDS [40288759]

                    Price: $1,500 
                    Overall score: 73
                    Ranking: 73 of 176 French-door refrigerators
                    CR's take: Delivering superb temperature control and energy efficiency, this 36-inch-wide refrigerator offers impressive temperature uniformity, too. And it's relatively quiet. Usable capacity is 17.4 cubic feet, which is average for this type of fridge.

                      Ikea Nutid IX6HHEXDS [80288757]

                      Ikea Nutid IX6HHEXDS [80288757]

                      Price: $1,800
                      Overall score: 54
                      Ranking: 123 of 176 French-door refrigerators
                      CR's take: This counter-depth model lends a built-in look for just $1,800. The unit measures 36 inches wide. Temperature control is excellent, and this refrigerator is relatively quiet. But it’s among the least energy-efficient of models in this category, and total usable capacity is only 13.6 cubic feet, which is on the smaller side. 

                        Ikea Frostig IK8FXNGFDM [70288753]

                        Ikea Frostig IK8FXNGFDM [70288753]

                        Price: $700
                        Overall score: 43
                        Ranking: 43 of 62 top-freezer refrigerators
                        CR's take: Among the worst in our temperature-control tests, this basic refrigerator is 30 inches wide. And with a capacity of 11.2 cubic feet, it's on the small side. The Frostig does offer excellent energy efficiency and is relatively quiet, but other, higher-scoring models cost the same or less, as you'll see in our refrigerator ratings

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