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Top Picks in Cooking and Cleanup for 2021

Photo illustration of a coffee maker, a soda maker, and an air fryer.
Photo: Ninja, Soda Stream, Gourmia

Appliances you can count on to keep your food cold, your dinner hot, your dishes clean, and much more: Our team of home experts knows what you need. CR’s top-performing picks—and our favorite cookware—can help you replace a failing model, upgrade well-worn basics, or try out a countertop game-changer.

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Soda Maker
SodaStream Fizzi One Touch*

No need to press and hold to make seltzer with this machine: Our top-rated soda maker, the only electric model in our tests, can produce three levels of fizz with one touch. Of the four models we evaluated, this was the only one to earn top scores across the board.

*This product does not have an Overall Score.

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