Best Laptops With a DVD Drive

Companies including Dell and HP still make laptops with a built-in drive that can play your old DVDs and CDs

A laptop with a DVD drive.

The increase in streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music for music and Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix for movies and TV shows may make it seem like built-in DVD drives are superfluous for laptops. But anyone with a sluggish internet connection or a big collection of discs will appreciate the flexibility. If you own box sets of classics like “Friends” or “Futurama,” you know what I mean.

Just as important: Blank DVDs are inexpensive, with a pack of 50 going for about $10 on Amazon nowadays. That’s useful if you want to easily back up a bunch of digital photos, videos, or other media taking up space on your hard drive without going all the way up to the cloud (although that’s handy, too).

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Of course, if your laptop doesn’t have a built-in DVD drive, you can buy an external drive for about $20 to $40 at stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. These drives typically connect via USB, which means you’ll need an unoccupied USB port. And if you're bringing your laptop and some DVDs on vacation, you'll need to pack the extra hardware. A built-in drive can be more convenient.

The following models are the best in our ratings of more than 100 laptops that come with a built-in DVD drive. These laptops are dwindling in number but you still have good options, devices that can easily handle everyday tasks such as browsing the web, editing office documents, and touching up photos. And all of these laptops are reasonably priced.

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