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Is Our Ground Meat Safe to Eat?
CR tested 351 packages of ground meat and found dangerous bacteria in almost a third of the chicken samples we bought, deadly bacteria in ground beef, and worrisome gaps in the way meat is regulated in this country


7 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Car
What to know before you head to a dealership, and what to ask once you’re there


Make Your Dream Vacation Stress-Free
Ready to see the world again? Planning a trip is exciting and, these days, a little complicated. CR shares this guide to smarter, safer travel.
CR's Ultimate Heat Survival Guide
With temperatures rising, we’ve gathered the best ways to stay comfortable and safe—both inside and out—even on scorching hot days

CR Health

What’s Really in Your Insect Repellent
Deet. Picaridin. Oil of lemon eucalyptus. What are these things anyway? Where do they come from? Which work best and which are safe? Here’s what CR has found after years of testing and hundreds of bites.

Lab Tests

Top-Rated Dairy-Free and Vegan Ice Cream
We tested 14 products made with plant-based milks, olive or coconut oil, even avocado. Just how healthy are these frozen treats, and do they taste good?

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