A foam topper.

Q. My wife and I have an innerspring mattress, and when she tosses, it wakes me up. Would a foam topper help?

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A. Adding a foam topper (which can cost $100 or more) may help in the short term by blunting some of the vibrations from a restless bedmate on an innerspring mattress, "but it could affect your current comfort by changing the firmness and support the innerspring mattress offers," says Chris Regan, CR's lead mattress tester. If you're ready for a new innerspring mattress, look for models that state they are constructed with several inches of foam on top of the springs, which may or may not be visible.

The Charles P. Rogers Powercore Estate 5000 mattress, $1,500, has foam layers and is one of the best innerspring models at minimizing bounce in our ratings. Or if you're open to a full-foam mattress, check out this very stable Beautyrest model.

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Editor's Note: This article also appeared in the September 2019 issue of Consumer Reports magazine.